10 Ableton Live Packs Now Available for Intro Users

For our beginners out there this is huge news. With Ableton Intro, users now have access to thousands of samples, sounds, and effects; all of which can provide inspiration for all types of music making – from searching for synths, to writing a film score, or exploring genre specific styles. These Ableton packs deliver some really high-quality material to work with and were previously only available with Standard and Suite. Below we’ll give a quick overview of each pack. Even if you’ve had access to these packs before but haven’t used them check this out. You might find some inspiration.



1. Urban Cookbook 1 by Goldbaby

We love Goldbaby (their drums in particular). Their loops, samples, and racks are sounds we always consider for our tracks. With Urban Cookbook you get 3000+ kits, hits, chords, bass and more production tools for modern urban styles. Goldbaby always brings quality and with this pack they used analog tape, vinyl dub plates, vintage samplers and high-end outboard gear to record and process the sounds. Preview the pack HERE.

2. Puremagnetik MachineKits

Puremagnetik MachineKits provides excellent electronic drum and percussion sounds more on the tech, house side of the spectrum. Included in this pack are rare and original drum machines, 6 sophisticated kits, over 100 intricately programmed Live Clips, and close to 1 GB of over 1900 quality samples (24-bit, 96 kHz). The drum machines have already been integrated into Ableton’s Drum Rack interface, so they’re ready to play the moment you drag them into your set. Preview the pack HERE.



3. Future RnB by Sample Magic

If you’re looking to make some smooth future R&B, trap, or hip-hop this sample pack has what you need. It includes 1.6 GB of crisp drum machine beats and powerful bass samples and loops. An array of blissed-out analog synths, lush keys, pitched vocal cuts and more are available as samples or loops. The drum loops and one-shots include sounds of classic TR-808 and 606 drum machines, and the loops are broken down into their component elements for editing. Preview the pack HERE.



4. House Racks by Undrgrnd Sounds

Our Push users need to check out House Racks. It’s a toolkit with 11 Instrument Racks already mapped for the Push and packed with recordings of the vintage hardware of the 80s and 90s underground house scene. Including the classic Roland Synth Collection (TB-303, SH-101, Juno 106), plus the Arp2600, Korg M1 and more. Preview the pack HERE.



5. Special Textures by Ableton

If you’re looking for something more ethereal or just something different, this software instrument built by Arovane’s Uwe Zahn blends field recordings with additive synthesis. As you can imagine, this is a unique sound. The combination of these two distinct sonic sources creates striking, vibrant atmospheres and textures. Preview the pack HERE.



6. Effect Racks by Puremagnetik

The sound design possibilities of this collection of more than 200 tweakable audio effects Racks is incredible. Being able to start with these presets and then customize to your liking is a valuable creative tool and produces sounds you would have never imagined. Included is a massive range of mastering channel strips, glitch racks, amp combos, DJ effects filters, LoFi distortion chains and more. Preview the pack HERE.



7. Olympus Elements by Soundiron

Another rack on the more ethereal and unique side, Olympus Elements provides haunting and angelic vocal samples. Soundiron has created a multi-sampled, 63-voice virtual choral ensemble designed for composers and songwriters of all experience levels. There are so many customizable elements as well – choose between eight vowel sounds, switch between sustain and staccato, and adjust the level for both men’s and women’s sections independently. Preview the pack HERE.



8. Thermionic Solid State Drums by Goldbaby

We told you we love Goldbaby Drums, so dig in! Choose from over 5000 sounds from more than a dozen classic and contemporary drum machines, encompassing vintage Roland machines, drum synths, DIY circuit board kits and more. All sounds were processed with analog gear to add some serious warmth and punch. Also included are a variety of crackles, robotic voices, pulsating drones, and more special effects to stretch your creative muscles. Preview the pack HERE.



9. Analogik Waves by Flatpack

Analogik Waves has a rich variety of mono and poly analog synth sounds. From raw and dirty synth leads to ethereal pads, the sounds here will provide a wide palette of quality synths for your production. Build and layer your own unique patches with over 1000 multi-sampled and chromatically tracked sounds, or choose from the 120 provided presets. Preview the pack HERE.



10. The AAS Bundle: Angelicals, Entangled Species and Journeys

Normally only available to Suite-users, this bundle brings the world of Ableton’s Analog and Tension synths to Intro-users finger tips (but without the ability to dive in past the macro-mapped parameters). There is still a vast world of creation available though. Create retro-futuristic soundscapes with Angelicals in Analog, or vivid impressions of faraway places with Tension’s physical modeling sounds in Journeys. Also in Tension is Entangled Species, providing more than a hundred arpeggiators, pads, and FX for electro-acoustic or ambient arrangements. Preview the pack HERE.

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