10 Free Multi-Platform Plugins You Need

Everybody loves free plugins and in the last couple of years we start to see more and more quality freebies that don’t fall short compared to their commercials equivalents.


Here is a list of 10 multi-platform plugins you can download for free all plugins support 32 or 64 bit:


1. Camel Audio – Camel Crusher (Distortion)


Camel Crusher is a free distortion plugin from Camel Audio. It features 4 modules. Distortion, Filter, Compression and Master volume and dry/wet control.

The presets that come with them are a great starting point for some distortion work. This Plugin is the younger brother version of Camel Phat which holds more modules and modulation capabilities.

If you’re looking for a free distortion plugin that just sounds good and easy to use check out Camel Crusher.

Get it Here

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2. Tokyo Dawn Records – Feedback Compressor II (Dynamics)

feedback compressor ii


Feedback Compressor II from TDR often bring up the question “How is this free?”.

This compressor is designed for a stereo bus track but can also works great on other mixing uses.

Most modern compressors listen to the input of the signal whereas the Feedback Compressor listens to the output of the signal to give quality musical results.

It can  easily be a very transparent compressor. Doing it’s job without too many artifacts.

The plugin also holds some great features like Dry Mix for Parallel Compression, Mode to allow you to hear the differences between the compressed and uncompress signal.

Feedback Compressor II can work in two modes: Precise and Eco. There are also a different version of the plugin for Mono compression.

Get it here

* Check out TDR’s other amazing free plugin SlickEQ

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3. lkjb – Luftikus (EQ)



Luftikus is a Pre-Fixed EQ emulated after the famous MAAG4 EQ4. It’s very musical and a great addition to the built in graphic EQ in your DAW.

Luftikus is one of those unknown gems. It’s started out as a user project on KVR and got a beautiful redesign by a different user. This is a great result of community work.

It’s very easy to use, 6 main EQ knobs, 1 trim knob and 3 switches.

One of the best features is the ability to switch the Keep Gain on and start turning the knobs. You can hear the sound sculpting in real time in front of you!

Get it Here

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4. Voxengo – Span (Spectrum Analyzer)



One of the most useful tools for producers and mixing engineers are sound visitation metering tools.

Span is a spectrum analyzer boasting a range of metering options, resizable GUI and Pitch indication to help you tune your drums.

You can even use it as a Multi-Track Spectrum Analyzer, Check out a tutorial I did for Sidebrain.net

Get it Here

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5. TAL – Chorus-LX (Modulation)



TAL-Chorus is just one of various free plugins from TAL-Togu Audio Line.

It tries to emulate the Juno-60 built-in chorus and does a pretty good job.

Simple and warm.

Get it Here

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6. Klanghelm – IVGI (Saturation)



Klanghelm is a company based in Germany operated by Tony Frenzel. They offer quality cheap plugins covering compression, saturation and metering.

IVGI is a saturation plugin that can color your sound and introduce more harmonic content in a musical satisfying way.

It features 4 knobs and can range from light and warm saturation to heavy and dirty saturation.


Get it Here

*Check out Klanghelm other free plugin the DC1A a character compressor with minimal interface.

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7. A1Audio – A1StereoControl (Stereo Imaging)



A1Stereo Control is a stereo management tool. Besides expending the audio you can reveal the expert mode which will allow you to change everything from Pan Law, Curve, MID/Side and L/R modes.

The interface is simply and all the buttons can be accessed instantly. The interface can also be resized! (a feature all plugins should have)

Get it Here

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8. Volko Audio – Darbuka Nut (Sampler/MIDI Player)


Volko Audio specialized in drum and percussion plugins and samples. They are offering this Darbuka sampler for free.

The only instrument in the list, Darbuka-Nut is a solid plugin. Holding MIDI patterns in multiple genres that can be dragged to your DAW.

You can also play it like an instrument. If you’re looking to add that middle-eastern flavor to your productions check this one out.

Get it Here

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9. Audio Damage – Rough Rider (Dynamics/Saturation)



Rough Rider is a free compressor from Audio Damage. It’s a character pumping effect and defiantly not suitble for all tasks.

It is best used to add movement and body to the sound and can be pushed to extreme settings for unexpected results.

Get it Here

*Check out Audio Damage eclectic collection of products. Great stuff

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10. Flux – BitterSweet (Transient Control)


BitterSweet is a free Transient Designer. A transient Designer help you add punch or mellow down high peaks of the sound.

It’s a must have tool and Flux are offering one for free.

It features one main knob, When you turn it to the Sweet side you will decrease transient rich sounds taking some punch away. And when you turn it to the Bitter side the transients are emphasis resulting in a more punchy sounds. Try it on your drums group!

Get it Here



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