2020 – The Insane Semi-Modular Drum Sequencer App

There is an insane Kickstarter startup for a standalone, semi-modular drum sequencer, designed to create live, improvised compositions. Developed by Yotaro Shuto, an electronic musician who performs in DUB-Russell, a Japanese music group that creates all their own sounds with the Cycling ’74 Max software, and performs completely improvised computer sets. The roots of the 2020 are pretty clear in its layout, function and vision.

On their Kickstarter page there is an outline of there two goals: to generate a million sound and sequence variations from a single idea, and to make entire beats in just one screen. From the looks of it, they’re on the right track, no doubt.



(2020 Grid Sequencer)

2020 is equipped with a clock, sample slicer, grid sequencers, 12 one shot samples and kick synth, 2 FM synths, external inputs / Higurashi generator, effect patcher, pitch transposer, 3 send effects, bus mixer, master effects, randomizing functions, and more. What is most impressive about the app is that it all fits on one screen. There is no scrolling, no zooming in and out. The software is developed for live, improvised sequences, and is exciting just to think about.

Checkout the video below to see the 2020 sequencer in action and click here to head to their Kickstarter page to donate, and get your hands on the software when released. Already way ahead of their goal and made a Kickstarter Staff favorite.


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