3D Cab Room – FREE Plugin from IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is a maker of many things in the music realm but today we are telling you about their recent move to make their 3D Cab Room plugin free. 3D Cab Room is an amplifier emulation plugin with the ability to position multiple microphones and simulate various rooms with different acoustic properties. Up until now, this was a locked feature exclusive to the paid version of Amplitube 4 Guitar Suite. The folks over at IK Multimedia decided it was time to share the love and made it available in the Amplitube Custom Shop software which is available to download FOR FREE from their website.

Amplitube Custom Shop is a free software that has all sorts of cool features unlocked as part of it, but if you mind shelling out a few clams it has features that can be unlocked using their ‘credits” system. Their credits are valued at $0.50 or $1 depending on how many you purchase at a time. The base version comes strapped with 24 different pieces of gear including four amplifiers, five cabinets, three microphones, two rack effects, a guitar tuner, and a few other goodies. From time to time IK will unlock certain features for exclusively limited time downloads but there are no limits on the 3D Cab Room feature!

The interface features a realistic representation of a guitar amp inside of a room with the two microphones that you can position. The microphones can be placed anywhere in the simulation allowing users to shape their tone in the process. This is a nice feature to use for practice if you ever get around to doing this in real life!

Download your AmpliTube Custom Shop for free at the Amplitube website, all you must do is visit the product page and click the “Free Demo” button. You will have to register an account but that is also free. 3D Cab Room is included in the software, no need to install separately. Check out the tutorial video below to get a peak of the software in action!


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September 28, 2018

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