4 Digital DJ Applications to Bring Down the House

Magix Digital DJ 2


Geared more towards beginner DJ’s but with capabilities for the more advanced, Magix Digital DJ 2 is an amazing piece of software. The application offers all of the standard mixing tools and effects to get more creative with your set, but what’s impressive about this is the capability to mix seamlessly and creatively without an external controller. Auto-beat matching is a standard function, coupled with the ability to click the cross-fade button that will then automatically fade into the next track. You then have your cursor free to mix frequency bands or add effects while your track seamlessly transitions into the next. You can even highlight specific frequency bands on both decks and they will automatically mix in and out smoothly with the flow of your cross-fade. Digital DJ 2 also allows users to create loops on the fly with the click of a button that will snap to the grid in a bar length of your choosing. The bar length can also be adjusted in real time to create tension or release with just the click of a button. Digital DJ 2 has many more impressive functions for its price range, and might be one of the best programs for anyone who has to do a set without a controller (although, the program is compatible with controllers). Check out more info HERE.

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algoriddim djay Pro


Another great option for beginners and the more advanced that won’t break the bank ($49.99). This application allows seamless integration with your Spotify and iTunes library, giving you access to all of your music no matter where it’s located. All track keys and tempos are automatically analyzed, and you can even transpose songs into different keys within the program. Standard mixing tools, effects, as well as BPM sync and beat-matching allow for easy, professional sounding mixes. djay Pro also has a built-in sampler allowing users to trigger sounds and create drum-beats in real-time, as well as the ability to sample your local tracks in real-time, opening up incredible options for live remixing. All of this combined with integration of over 50 MIDI controllers as well as CDJ/XDJ’s, and the ability to mix visuals within your session, make djay Pro a powerful program and party-starting tool. Check out more info HERE.

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Ableton Live


What can’t Ableton do? I’ll leave it at that . . . just kidding. While primarily used as a production application, Ableton’s Session View offers the unique ability to truly blur the line between DJing and live performance. An endless amount of tracks can be loaded, cued up, and launched simultaneously or individually to build up a track or mix in real-time. This allows users to separate out all sections of an individual track (if you have access to the stems) and vibe on just a drum track, or vocal, or whatever you’d like for as long as you’d like. This isn’t so much live remixing as it is the ability to create a totally fresh arrangement of a song in every set. Of course you could also use this capability to mix the drum stem of one song, with the vocal stem of another song, and the bass line of another, and on and on, creating incredible and creative live remixing opportunities. Ableton’s DJ functions are truly unique in this field and requires some more expertise from the user. Check out more info HERE.

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Native Instruments Traktor Pro


Traktor has become the most popular DJ software in the market. It’s simple while still offering everything every level of DJ might need to perform and sound professional, making it an impressive program. It’s layout mimics CDJ’s or a classic two turntable, mixer setup. Standard mixing tools and effects are also laid out in a very intuitive way, and when used in conjunction with the Traktor S4 controller, users can really get in the zone and simply focus on the music. Native Instruments have also added a Sample Deck and Loop Recorder in recent years to allow for live-remixing and beat creation. There’s nothing too fancy or out of the box with Traktor, it simply lets users DJ in a seamless manner with options suitable for beginners and capabilities for the most advanced to put together dope mixes in real-time.

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