6 Laptop Stands for DJs

With the new year comes new opportunities and for all those DJs out there we wanted to give you a short list of our favorite laptop stands that you can take on the road with you, use in the club, and use in the studio for practice. Below is our list of the top 6 laptop stands available today:

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1. Pyle PLPTS55 – $45

Pyle has been a staple in Pro Audio and DJing industry since the 1960s with their wide range of electronics and gear ranging from home use to professional applications. This stand is sturdy and comes with a telescoping adjustable height from 12.6” – 16.7” tall. It can rotate 360 degrees around if you don’t need to have it in the center of your setup, it also comes with a handy pouch.

This is the most affordable stand on our list and thus the top choice. Buy it here.

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2. Crane Stand Elevate – $109

The Crane Stand Elevate is the most rugged folding stand on our list, but that’s not the only reason why it deserves second place. The locknuts on each pivot point of the stand offer customization so you can optimize based on your ergonomics and DJ without straining your back or eyes.

This stand also comes with a faux-leather bag, one of the nicest we’ve seen to come with a stand! Buy it here.

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3. Magma Vektor – $89

The Magma Vektor is an admirable contender and offers a combination of the Crane and the Pyle stand’s features. It has the rotating ability like the Pyle stand but allows for more adjustability. If you want the rugged feel and adjustability without wanting to spend as much for the Crane opt for the next best thing and get the Magma Vektor.

It comes with a travel pouch and extra non-slip rubber rings, you can purchase it here.

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4. Gravity Laptop Stand – $79

Gravity is the new kid on the block for DJ gear and they are making a statement with their laptop stand. It is in the two-platform category as it adds a second shelf for DVS boxes, audio interfaces, etc. Gravity manages to make a lightweight yet rugged piece of gear that still has some style, something that other stands often lack. The green trim brings a little functional character into the mix, and the feet can be replaced with clamps if you want to secure your stand to a surface.

This is our top choice if you want a stand with a second shelf, buy it here.

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5. UDG Creator Stand – $149

UDG comes in second for the two-platform category if only by a bit, what this stand has that the Gravity stand does not is the adjustability. This folding stand can be rotated like the stands earlier on our list, and the notch in the platform can be used to direct cables if you want. The tradeoff with this stand is you get incredible durability with a heftier weight,

It will stand the test of time (pun intended), buy here.

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6. Hercules Workstation – $80

The last option on our list is this stand from Hercules, which is known for its awesome guitar stands. Hercules went with a unique form factor on the stand which allows for it to fold up nice and neatly into a small package. It’s quite rugged but the X-shaped platform can be somewhat limiting.

If you want a great thing in a small package, purchase here.

January 9, 2018

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