Abletunes Knobs – Single-knob Plug-ins: Drive, Attack, and Space ( Free Download)

Abletunes Knobs is a free VST bundle that includes three separate single-knob plugins, Drive, Attack, and Space. Abletunes mapped several parameters to single knobs limiting the versatility and customization, but their effectiveness comes from their simplicity. They are incredibly easy to use and can add a lot of character to drums, baselines, and synths simply by adjusting the knobs. Knobs also use a very low percent of the CPU so it won’t interfere with playback or slow down Ableton during a live set. 


The Drive knob combines analog style saturation and an overdrive. It adds some crunchy wide-band distortion, giving the sounds extra tone, color, and grit. When set to 100% you can get some filthy sounding bass sounds with great energy.

The Attack knob is a simplified transient shaper without a sustain knob. It can give more punch  to drums and a enhances synths and baselines by subtly making them more solid. 

The Space knob is a bright mid-sized room to small-hall sized stereo reverb. Abletunes suggests using it for percussion and synths, and almost any other instrument. 

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When I used the Drive and Attack knob on a kick drum sample, Knobs added some body and punch to it, while giving it a slight crunchy distortion.

I also tried the Space knob on a snare drum sample. It gave the snare more space in the mix but because it is so simplified it is more limited in its use than the other two Knobs.

As far as free single knob plug-ins go all three a great and many producers will find them useful for both production and live sets. 

You can download them here

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