Accusonus Rythmiq – Turn Your Tracks Into a Performance

Accusonus Rythmiq – Turn Your Tracks Into a Performance

Accusonus surprised us with a plugin release recently that has turned our world upsidedown. The plugin is called Rythmiq, and it is a groovebox, sampler, remixer, and AI powerhouse all in one. We just didn’t know what to expect when Accusonus reached out, but they blew us away. By combining their experience with live resampling (Regroover) and beat making tools they have produced an incredible addition to their lineup.

Your new “virtual electronic drummer” analyzes your beats and introduces nuanced micro-variations or musical, evolving changes.

This will allow you to focus on other parts of your music while your beat is organically evolving.

Rhythmiq is an A.I. driven sampler, and it can be used as an intelligent jam partner that you control. Think of it as a complex drum machine with a beat-repeat included. Not only can you loop samples but you can chop and splice them as you please. The features are limited in selection but even so allow for a world of possibility. Between Arrange, Reverse, and Silence, you can alter the original sample to an impressive degree. You also have the ability to change the tempo of your sample in order to speed up or slow down the loops.



Add in the fact that you can include three individual samples to play with and you have a rabbit-hole to dive into. Watch the video below for a sneak peek.


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Variations and the Playlist



Variations can be created and found at the bottom of the plugin, while Playlists can be found up near the Projects tab in the upper left. Accusonus implemented a design very similar to the MPC in that you can create loops and then create a project that plays those loops sequentially. You can create up to 8 variations of the playing rhythm, each one will save the specific settings so you can switch between them like clips in Ableton.



If you only had the Variations section this plugin would still be a powerful jam-partner, but with the addition of the Playlist section, your abilities really expand. Simply add in various projects to your playlist then launch them in time by clicking their play buttons. Logistically, you could even have the same samples in a few different projects and increase your number of Variations to switch between.

Like all good things, this plugin is always evolving. Accusonus has plenty of expansion packs available to purchase if you aren’t interested in compiling a sample library of your own.



All things considered, this is an incredibly useful plugin and could be your personal jam assistant. We love it and are excited for y’all to try it out. Visit the Accusonus website to download the plugin.

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