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The musical process can be highly methodical or extremely spontaneous and in those spontaneous moments potential ideas can get long lost in the motion of a moment. Apple has developed an app to not only capture those moments with clean uncompressed audio, but to work off of those ideas, through an iPhone or iPad, right there in the moment.

You are able to use Music Memo with your iPhone or iPad’s built in microphone or plug in an external microphone to record audio. (The app is optimized for guitar and piano but you can use other instruments as well.) The coolest part, what makes the Music Memo the Music Memo, is the intelligent audio analyzer. The app recognizes the feel of your audio recording and backs you up with a suggested chord progression and a synced up drum pattern.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.40.53 PM


Apple allows you to move your audio recording from the Music Memo, over to Garage Band, (a new, fresh, upgraded Garage Band,) to really beef up your song idea, into a fully produced track. So the Music Memo really isn’t just a voice memo app, but instead a tool to jumpstart a musical idea. A great tool to add to your arsenal to push your musical consistency and awareness.

Read more about the app here and get on your mobile device to download it over here.

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