Arturia Product Demo Recap: The New Gear is Phenomenal

February 24th Arturia hosted a workshop here at Beat Lab Academy and showed us a few of their new products from their lineup, with a heavy focus on the Minibrute 2 and Minibrute 2S. What we saw was AWESOME. They built both of these to deliver power, and when used together they become exponentially cooler. The Minibrute 2 is an update of the original Minibrute, one of the most renowned analog monosynths of the 21st century. The Minibrute was famous for its size, price, and punch that it packed for the whole package. The Minibrute 2 delivers on the hype of its predecessor’s legacy and does so in style. This time around Arturia opted for the same looking dark plastic as the original but added wooden side panels, the result is a well-built synth that feels solid without feeling too heavy. Also new to this version is a patch bay in the upper right-hand corner, an internal step sequencer, and a dedicated LFO for the waveforms. These three features make the already versatile instrument a force to be reckoned with. This sells for $699 is available now and you can get more details here on the Arturia website.



The Minibrute S2 is an equally fun-filled beast, it is a very similar housing but the synth replaces a keyboard with 16 pads for sequencing. It comes with a 64-step 3-track sequencer that can be played on top of using the pads. The raw potential in the 2S is within its 3 tracks of sequencing, this is where you can really dig into some more of the available patching options and expand into the rest of the Minibrute Ecosystem. This synth is also priced at $699 and more details can be found here on the Arturia website.



Arturia has created an entire Ecosystem with their Brute lineup – Drumbrute, Minibrute 2/2S, Matrixbrute, and Rackbrute. You can connect your Arturia gear together or with other gear, if you want to expand the ecosystem outside of Arturia, they have created an extremely versatile lineup capable of standing alone and working well with others. The workshop ended with some hands-on time with the synths, people sitting in got to play around and jam with the devices. Finally, we held a raffle and Arturia gave away two Spark LE’s and one Beatstp Pro. If you want to get more involved you can join us at the next Arturia User Group meeting here at Beat Lab on March 24th. Until then, enjoy the video below for a visual recap of what you missed out on this time around.


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