Basslet – The World’s Most Portable Subwoofer


We’re currently living in an age where possibilities are endless. Since the creation of the laptop we’ve been able to create amazing pieces of music and art unrestricted to a studio space.  One possibility that’s soon coming to life is a subwoofer that you can wear around your wrist. This breakthrough technology is called the Basslet.




The Basslet is created by the startup company Lofeit, and its founders come from leading music tech companies Ableton and Native Instruments. The device has been in production for nearly two years. It can be connected to any device: Laptop, smartphone, gaming console, virtual reality headset, DJ mixer.. you name it! This technology expands our audio experience to a new level.

As we all know lower frequencies beneath the 100-125 Fhz range are better “felt” than heard. This makes it a must-have for producers who lack a subwoofer therefore giving them a better feel of their mixes. Traveling producers and DJs will have a better time getting a grasp of how their low end really feels while working on the road. Apparently the sub frequencies go directly through your body so you won’t be bothering your seat mate next to you while flying on an airplane.

The extra cool thing about the Basslet is that its chargeable and has a battery life of up to 6 hrs. I guess we won’t have to lug around our subwoofers anymore.

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Lofeit has created a kickstarter campaign for Basslet and has reached its backing goal by %450.. simply killing it. Basslet will be shipping worldwide this December.. looks like I already have something added to my Christmas list. What about you?

You can get more information on the Basslet kickstarter campaign and release date here:

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