Beat Lab Artist Series Recap: Naomi Wild

This past weekend we held another Artist Series Workshop, and this time we had a Beat Lab alumni who has been absolutely killing it in the industry  – Naomi Wild. If you aren’t familiar with her work you should get on it because Naomi is a true hustler who has been grinding to get where she is at today: she is an amazing singer, skilled songwriter, and talented producer. Naomi told us about her come up over the past couple of years, she worked at a restaurant before fully committing to music and that was part of what gave her the motivation to dive-in head first to the scene. She started out as a songwriter and eventually decided that production was going to be important to her success so that’s how she ended up taking classes here at Beat Lab Academy. Her education at Beat Lab Academy not only enhanced her abilities as a songwriter but gave her the know-how to work with other producers and songwriters on a more professional level.





Naomi’s skills as a singer and songwriter gave her the credibility to work with the group Odesza, but her journey was a learning experience. She emphasized the importance of working with other songwriters who are better than you so you can learn how to improve your songwriting. She has remained an independent artist and hasn’t signed to any major labels, so she had some excellent advice to offer about management and how important it is to be in charge of your own path.




She showed us some of the songs she is working on for her next project, we can’t say too much about it other than she is about to drop some more hot fire. Naomi had a lot to share, her experience has taken her across many parts of the music industry. She talked a bit about the ups and downs of touring with a group as popular as Odesza, like when they performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. She also shared a lot of insider knowledge about what it’s like to be a professional songwriter. She uses a website called SoundBetter to book writing gigs and offer other services like singing and production. It’s a really cool website and a great way to bring in another source of income as a musician.

It was a treat to have Naomi come in and share her story with the Beat Lab community, and awesome to see another successful alumnus. If you want to hire Naomi for songwriting or vocal work you can find her page here on SoundBetter. Join us for our next workshop on March 17th with Brady Watt, the bass player for Talib Kweli.

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