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We’ve got a very special gift for you today. An instant sampler!!!!! This thing is so much fun, simply set up your mic (or built-in mic) record, and start playing! it’s that simple.

Check out the video for an in-depth tutorial about all the features and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to grab your free copy.







Ableton Suite 10






Copy to User Library/Presets/Instruments/Max Instruments








Input – Setup the incoming channel to your mic or built-in mic

Threshold – Sets the volume threshold for the input audio start/end detection. After a recording is finished, the beginning and end points of the recorded sample will be cropped to the first recorded sample that crosses above the set input volume threshold. This threshold also applies to any dropped samples!

G – When enabled, recording starts when input signal crosses a volume threshold, and stops when it’s audio ceases. It is recommended you tube autosave off in the Recording Settings

Q – When enabled, recording start and stop on the next beat according global quantization

Norm – When enabled, recorded and dropped samples are normalized

Show save settings (Disk Icon) – Turn Autosave on/off and set the autosave folder which will automatically save every recording.




Sample Editing



Start – Start position of loop in ms

Size – Set the loop length in ms

xFade – The amount of fade/crossfade (crossfade if looping is on) at the start/end points of the loop

Mono – Switch between polyphonic/monophonic modes

Drag Waveform (Hand Icon) – Enables dragging of the waveform display instead of moving loop points

Sample Display – Waveform of buffer sample. When drag (hand) mode is not enabled, dragging controls the loop points. Up/down change the length while left/right changes position.

Buffer Size – Sets the size of the buffer. BEWARE resizing will delete all the current samples in buffer. However, resizing does not take affect until the record button is pressed.

Rec – Main record button to start/stop the recording




Amp Section




Loop – Enables loop playback, on by default.

Reverse – Enables reverse playback

Transpose – change pitch of the sample by Semitones (st)

Glide – Glide time for pitch in ms

LFO – Set amount of LFO affecting pitch

End Mod – Set amount of Mod Envelope affecting pitch

A – Volume Attack

D – Volume Decay

S – Volume Sustain

R – Volume Release




Filter Section




Filter type selector – Select between Low-Pass (LP), High-Pass (HP), Band-Pass (BP) and Notch filters.

Cutoff – Set the cutoff point of the filter

Q – Set the width of the cutoff

LFO – Set amount of LFO affecting filter cutoff

Vel – Set amount of velocity affecting filter cutoff

Env Filter – Set amount of filter envelope affecting filter cutoff

A – Filter env Attack

D – Filter env Decay

S – Filter env sustain

R – Filter env release




Mod Section




LFO waveshape selector – Select between different shapes of the LFO

LFO Rate – Change LFO by rate or beat divisions when Sync is on

Retrig – When enabled, retriggers phase start at beginning of each voice trigger

Phase – Set start position of LFO

Env Mod – Set amount of mod envelope affecting LFO amount

A – Mod Envelope Attack

D – Mod Envelope Decay

S – Mod Envelope Sustain

R – Mod Envelope Release




Global Section




Pan – Master Panning

LFO – Amount of LFO affecting global panning

Env Mod – Amount of Mod envelope affecting global panning

LFO – Amount of LFO affecting global volume

Vel –  Amount of velocity sensitivity affecting global volume

Global Output Volume – Set the overall output volume





Programming Credit goes to Dillon Bastan. Check him out here




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