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August 31, 2018

This is the last installment of our trial run without submissions from SubmitHub, and hopefully, they like what we’ve been doing so far and will allow us to join their roster of Blogs. If we get approved our next post will feature artists’ submissions via SubmitHub. In the meantime here are some more tracks, they’re fresh, and they’re waiting to be heard!

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Carter Wilson – Neoteny Looping (prod. Erameld)

Neoteny Looping is a multi-part track that features a couple songs, it really comes alive at the 2-minute mark with an awesome flute lead and a George Carlin sample running along in the back. Carter Wilson’s vocals are soothing and rough at the same time, which help evoke feelings of comfort and urgency supported in his lyricism. To top it off, the album was Mixed AND Mastered by him. Listen below!



Tallbird – New Machine

Tallbird is the 90’s inspired indie-pop project of Daniel Sullivan based in New York. His unique blend of lo-fi vocal production with the quirky bedroom-pop instrumentation perfectly supports his strong songwriting skills. We’re very excited for this most recent release, listen below!



Gianni – Responsible

Gianni drops a cool hip hop track with a smooth vocal lead seducing us with his sense of responsibility. Catchy rhythms, catchy synth lines, and bumping kicks add to this song’s total funkiness.



YONNA – IDWHY (I Don’t Wanna Hurt Your Feelings)

Yonna’s beats are so filled with emotion it’s hard to not get choked up, the hypnotic rhythm mixed with the lo-fi-esque atmospheres lay out a perfect foundation for her powerful voice.



Kelleia Good Girl (Prod. Jonny Joon)

Unspeakable Records artist Kelleia just released this single and music video. The video includes an extra minute with a monologue that serves as a prologue to the song. She said, “I wasn’t good or good enough because I wasn’t who my culture/partner/family/fill-in-the-blank wanted me to be…Now, I get to be the boss of my own life…I’m on the road to being a true good girl, on my own terms.”


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Jubilo Drive – Look Around

Jubilo Drive “pulls influence from experimental genres of all styles, and incorporates their themes into a sensible avant-pop aesthetic,” and released this track just a month ago. They had an awesome set at the Echo Park Rising music festival this month. This song is grooving, soaring and reminiscent of Tame Impala and Foo Fighters tracks. Enjoy the awesome video below!


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Thumpasaurus – Dance Like It’s Your Life

In the beginning, there was Thump. That’s the mantra of funk/punk-dance band Thumpasaurus and is ever present in one of the singles from their recent LP The Book of Thump. Listeners are urged to “Dance! Like it’s your life!!” and will have a hard time not obliging as funky drum/percussion thumps and funkarriffic keyboard melodies dance around with you.



Jack Roy – Mele Mele (Original Mix)

Jack Roy recently released this funky house track on Aathee Records, which they noted as, “A funky floor shaker”. Chopped vocals will get your booty shaking with the floor on this one. Listen below!



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