Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week December 14th, 2018

As we get closer to the big December 25th we want to bring you some gifts: more fresh tracks! We’ve got a whole lot of club bangers that you’ll probably end up bumping to all week. Put your party hat on, listen below.


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Chris Leamy – Shoot to Thrill (Misty Mtn Remix)

Crystalline vocals and 24-carat production grace this song with incredible power. The presence in the track is clear throughout. Despite a laid-back approach the verses and chorus are engaging and energizing. Vocals chops, distant 808s, and other electronic instruments create a vibe reminiscent of Kanye and Bon Iver collaborations. Even with the hook, “bang bang and she don’t say nothing,” the band certainly makes a worthy musical statement. Listen below!



Daizy – Taylor Swift, COMBO! – Love Story (Daizy Bootleg)

Daizy’s Love Story Bootleg embraces the lovesick tone of Taylor Swift’s original and turns it into a club banger. The opening section is a traditional bootleg which draws upon the acapella and places it in the context of a dance beat. The middle section takes a darker turn and shakes things up, this is where it gets interesting all over again. The song arrangement stays fresh while remaining true to the musical themes laid out in the beginning. We like this twist. Listen below.



Sharks – Fuck You Good

Female powerhouse Sharks tell it like it is on their new song Fuck You Good. The song plays like an anthem with the unapologetic hook, “You make me want to fuck you good, just by the way you look.” Preach, sisters, preach. It’s loud, proud, and flaunts major attitude. “Fuck You Good” is like a modern version on Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and it’s really about time for girls to talk about wanting to have sex with someone purely based on their looks and not being shy about it! Overall the song is catchy and perfect for putting you in the mood (or playing during/after sex). Listen below.



Post Malone – Better Now (Lex Inception Remix)

Lex Inception dropped a hot remix of Post Malone’s Better Now, and it’s liquid fire. It’s a dope twist on the song with clean production and slick song structure. Lex Inception strikes an attractive balance between future, future bass, and the style of the original. Shy off just 3 minutes, the song doesn’t drag on with a build up after build up. It gets the energy flow right the first time around. Listen below.




Some remixes shouldn’t be made, this is not one of those cases. NVLL & VOID delivered this with utter precision and we’re all the better because of it. It’s both an homage to hip-hop and electronic music. Clean production and sound design really make this track stand out. We’re bumping it daily. Listen below.


December 13, 2018

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