Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week December 21st, 2018

Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week December 21st, 2018

Hello again! We’ve got one more round of Fresh Tracks before the holidays next week. We’ve got some fresh hip hop, some bangers, some flangers! Enjoy these awesome talents and as always, Listen Below.

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LT – Cream of the Crop (prod. Miros)

Cream of the Crop rolls out the smooth welcoming vibes of classic hip-hop intertwined with future music. It’s an incredibly sweet mix of the old and the new. The production is tight, the vocals are on points, and the feels are real. Wobbly bass trades places with electric bass often and we love the interplay. The song is just long enough to leave you wanting more of it. Listen below.



Aftrprty – Moon Rock

A lonely astronaut floats in space, singing, and longing for people. That’s the type of come-down loneliness that this song leaves you feeling. It’s that weird feeling of relief and sadness that comes after a wild night. The melancholy of reflecting on a fun night that you wish you remembered better. Aftrprty’s forlorn magic rings true here. Listen below.



Mavissing! – Fun, games and Casino

In bright contrast to the previous song’s tone, this song introduces a much brighter theme. Melody, vocals, and choppy rhythm guitar make it something to sway to. The song lands halfway between shoegaze and your favorite hipster band from three summers ago. It’s a wonderful feeling to remember, and this song helps us do just that. The lyrics are often unintelligible, but who cares? Enjoy it, listen below.



Trouze – These Streets

These Streets hooks us immediately with the chorus before quickly dropping into a true intro. Clever move Trouze. The song maintains an oddly delicious midtempo pacing while always hinting at something more energetic. The playful rhythm of the vocals reveals that secret sauce throughout the song. Clever again. Trouze delivers pristine production chops throughout that also add to the intrigue of the song. Listen below.



Austin David – L.I.B.

Funky time stars here and now with Austin David’s Lightning in a Bottle. Syncopated vocals bounce us through the verses until a sweet falsetto carries us along through the chorus. Strings lights come to mind when picturing the scene they set for us. Summer nights never end in LA so this song feels perfect for the new year. It’s a funky time year round, baby. Listen below.


December 24, 2018

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