Hello again! Welcome back to Fresh Tracks of the Week where we share the hottest music of the week. This will be our second installment of the new format (twice monthly posts). We hope you enjoy the bonanza, listen below!

Shakti – Crescendo

Ethereal vocals , synthesizers and booming sub-bass open this track with great appeal. Halfway through we’re greeted with a fantastic horn melody which eventually fades into a build plus drop. The production on this song is as crystal clear as the waters of the Big Island from which the producer calls home. We’re as happpy to drop this on the dance floor as we are to bump it in the car. Listen below.


Post Traumatic – Do You Like It

Do You Like It is an electro-bass beat with a glitch-tastic twist. The beat features a horn lead along with crunchy synths which drop you into a valley of bleeps and bloops. This submission shows a lot of promise from the artist – the rhythm captured our attention and the sound design kept us interested. We imagine the club would shake from the bass here. We’re excited to see where the next song takes us. Listen below.

Raffer – The Media

Raffer hits Indie Rock gold with The Media. The song is perfectly comprised of shredderriffic guitars and synthesizers. The lead vocals are tinged with melancholy, just in time for winter to really hit. We really love the song arrangement, the production is clean as hell, and it’ll get you moving. There are even some vocal chops near the end to show you that the producer is aware of modern pop techniques. Listen below!

Us Presidents – LLL

Us Presidents brings you a weird video to accompany their song LLL – we love it. We couldn’t ask for more. The video is quite minimalistic but it pairs well with the tone of the song and the instrumentation. It’s a shoegaze song at heart and the video is an appreciative nod toward that. It’s stark, subtle, and unapologetic. Listen below.

Korpx94 – Placemat for Baby

Placemat for Baby is a quick and bright peek into the world of Korpx94. Simply an instrumental, the beat is ushered along with crisp production and slamming kick drums. The hilarious artwork creates an even clearer tone to be felt while listening. This is clearly an upbeat song. It’s perfect for summer and the winter. Listen below.

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