This week we have all sorts of hip-hop tracks for you. Dope, fresh, laid-back, and hype. Listen below.

ARIA – On Me Though

On Me Though is a soulful hip-hop track with a dope rhythm and rocking beat. It’s old school in vibes but new school in attitude. The beat brings the heat with low 808’s. It brings the soul with the lyrical madness. It’s a banger, and we encourage you to get with it. Listen below.

Thom Six – Phat

Thom Six shows some spirit in this single called Phat. It’s a low-tempo future bass track that takes its time to lure you in. The leads make you think you’re playing NBA 2k16 and we don’t mind that. It could almost be an old Kanye instrumental with the sonic palette. It’s dope, simple as that. Listen below.

IACONIC – Changes

We got some more hip-hop this week, and it continues to be fresh. IACONIC spits fire on this wicked beat. The occasional bass sweep keeps you on your toes. IACONIC’s flow keeps you running. We couldn’t help from feeling like a robot lurking through alleyways up to no good. A hard robot, a robo-badass. Listen below.

HAMITR – I Haven’t Been Outside in so Long

This song comes in stark contrast to the previous ones here, its far more laidback. It’s also psychedelic in nature, and sleepy in style. Ever wonder what it would feel like to be underwater and forget where you are? This song will give you that sense without impeding panic. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. Listen below.

Bradison – Even the Score

Surprise! More hip-hop! We had you thinking we’d switched to another genre. Guess again. Bradison’s Even the Score will keep you guessing also, with its hypnotic arrangement. A high-pitched wail rocks you back and forth, so comfy, ready for nap time but the vocals keep you awake. This song fits in perfectly to the current hip-hop trend of sllooowwwww music, but stands out nonetheless. There’s a reference to 808’s & Heartbreaks in the production but we’re not sure if it’s intentional. It’s all dope. Listen below.

April 12, 2019

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