Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week January 11th, 2018

Happy new Year and welcome back to Beat Lab Reviews Fresh Tracks of the Week! We’ve got fantastic tunes for you to sooth your fresh 2019 ears with.

French Horn Rebellion & Glassio – Love Me Back

We’ll start off with a dope collaboration that brings us Love Me Back. It’s a bit like Passion Pit and Mura & Masa had a child. Falsetto singing dances around the melodies with poptastic instrumentation. It’s lovely. We really dig this balance, the sound-field gets wild. Enjoy it. Listen below.

Bay Ledges – I Wonder

This song may have the coolest artwork of all the fresh tracks today. It definitely stands out as an indie pop song. Some lovely subdued vocals rock along with the backbeat. It’s like we’re sitting on a…ledge. Couldn’t pass up that opportunity! Listen below.

Illogical Time Concerns – Humana

Humana features a heavily distorted vocal line. Oddly enough it also reminds us of Passion Pit. There is something uplifting about the melody and tinge of sadness in the harmony. It’s wonderfully easy to listen to. You should give it a go. Listen below.

Andrew Applepie – Catch

Arpeggiation and softly spoken singing lull listeners along in this song by Andrew Applepie. It’s a lo-fi/bedroom pop framed banger. Most of the song maintains a laid-back feeling to it and it’s a thrilling ride nonetheless. It’ll catch you. It certainly caught us. Listen below.

Kemal Kaya Camel – Grains of Your Imagination

Grains of Your Imagination starts out with hints of mellowness and quickly transforms into laid-back coolness. The difference in mood is subtle, but very effective. It’s an instrumental beat from start to finish, and carries emotion quite well. It’s not quite lo-fi hip-hop but it would sit equally well among songs categorized as such. A catchy piano lead graces us throughout the song, it’s very cool. Listen below.

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