Hey hey everybody, we’re back! This week we have an announcement to make, we’ll be adjusting our format to bi-weekly posts. This means that every other week we will publish a list of our favorite Fresh Tracks of the Week.

Until then, enjoy this week’s Fresh Tracks! Listen below.

Mathes – Backbone (feat. Caroline Kole)

Backbone is a future house anthem with attitude. Caroline Kole’s vocals perfectly compliment the production by Mathes. The song arrangement flows seamlessly from section to section, and the production enhances it.

This is a great blending of current underground and mainstream electronic production techniques. It’s catchy and made it into our next DJ gig. Listen below.

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Bruce Chillest – Jigglypuff

Los Angeles native hit us with this funky song – Jigglypuff. The production is crunchy and clean and perfectly blissful. It invokes a lo-fi hip-hop vibe but is more upbeat and lacks the melancholy found within that genre.

Vocal chops play along with the piano melody throughout the song. There’s something retro about the song, we’re not sure what it is, but we like it. Listen below.

Boxout & Newsom – Bareskin

Boxout breaks out this dope new single with another artist named Newsom. Longing guitar riffs and sexy vocal chops float around the catchy track. The production is clean and goes well with the overall vibes. A nice low-end filtering keep the momentum moving along in the beginning and middle. This will easily fit into your next DJ set. Listen below.

J. Lately – Clean ft. The Grouch

Hip Hop up-and-comer J. Lately lays down slick rhymes on Clean ft. The Grouch. The song remains firmly nostalgic and reminds us of early Atmosphere and other early 2000 underground hip hop.

It’s laid back and introspective. The themes are highly relatable, it feels like J. Lately and The Grouch are singing right to us. Listen below.

Roland Greco – Vagabond (feat. the Crush Boys)

New single from Roland Greco rolls out an autotune wonder. Roland Greco continues to display incredible range between production and vocal skills.

The trap beat rolls along with sparking clean production and Greco’s tuned up vocals. It all adds up to another dope track from the LA native. We look forward to his future releases. Listen below

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