KNARS – She Twisted

KNARS She Twisted is a tossup of explosive genres and a whole lot of energy. The initial feeling begins with a tripped drum N bass rhythm and is eerily reminiscent of the Prodigy (RIP Keith). Their release timing couldn’t have been more prescient, the song is a gift to everyone who is a fan of the style and even many who aren’t. The pumping synths and bass make it easy to get up and DANCE. Fiery energy is captured in this recording – the rapping lead vocals are intoxicating with the rhythm. Listen below.

Otherwise Fine – IwantU

Spring, summer, and winter – the seasons come to fruition in this song’s opening. Longing and loneliness, and an eventual feeling of completion. The music is in the vein of Zero7 or Massive Attack. Otherwise Fine has done a fine job putting their twist on trip-hop, and with grace. Zone out and check it. Listen below.

Johnathan Rogers – Making Babies With Pretty Ladies

Making Babies With Pretty Ladies is a roller catchy synthpop tune by Johnathan Rogers. Immediately it made me think I was rollerblading through the Pasadena mall while being chased by a security guard. I whip a dope vert across some benches and wink to the checkout girl at Wetzel’s Preztels. Flashforward to my return to my home, and now I’m being chased by some government suits for not paying the bills Johnatahn sings about. What do you imagine? Listen below.

Angelo Gianni – Need You to Know

Rock hard and rock often with Angelo Gianni. His song Need You to Know opens on a proper note and keeps the attitude alive throughout. The production is done well and compliments Gianni’s loose but vocals. The arrangement keeps the momentum moving. It’s a great piece of Indie Rock art, and definitely inspires us to get a bit rowdy. Listen below.

Will Ryte – No Names

Will Ryte’s No Names masters the art of autotune in rap. The beat is slow and sultry, while the vocals croon in and out in a sea of audio. The landscape created is comfortable and ominous. It’s a short song but a fun ride all throughout and we quite enjoyed it. I couldn’t understand much of what he was singing about but the emotion is there and that’s what matters. Listen below.

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