Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week November 16th, 2018

Hey hey hey, we’ve got a brand new lineup of Fresh Tracks. Some rare folk music, awesome indie dance, dope hip-hop, and good ‘ole indie. Listen below.

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Yaron Kaver – Take My Way

Yaron Kaver has created a beautiful song by utilizing the powerful nature of his voice and spot-on instrumentation. The gravel timbre of his voice is made for folk music. The subtle bell accents at the end of various phrases are sublime. The acoustic guitar ukelele is a perfect cradle for his palpable emotion. We don’t often post about folk music in Fresh Tracks but when we do you know they’re worth checking out. Listen below.


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Jason Miller – Deep In My Eyes

Zip up that leather hoody, and grab your pair of LED gloves, it’s party time. This song features pitched vocal chops, banging drums and piano melodies, and even some cowbell. Damn. Jason Miller’s Deep In My Eyes is reminiscent of the early EDM boom and we’re totally loving it. This song effortlessly flows between the early 2000’s and the big room EDM era, and we can’t get enough. Listen below.



Margot Polo – Dance With Me

Margot Polo’s newest single is an upbeat and catchy indie dance treat. The song is shimmering with a sense of honesty and lightheartedness. Funky guitar chops and drum machine beats work together to support Polo’s awesome vocals. The whole experience can be a self-fulfilling prophecy by getting you up and dancing. Polo said the song is about him meeting his wife at a bar, we hope you can meet your special person while out and listening to this song. That way, the cycle repeats itself. Listen below.


TAHJ Ace Ft. Frank Stoney – EL Camino

“This is a Stoney takeover,” are some of the words spoken during the introduction of this song, and they ain’t wrong. EL Camino rocks a catchy beat (featuring a lovely string instrument) that will have your head nodding before you realize. The rappers featured on the track each have a fresh and unique voice that pairs wonderfully with the instrumentals. The music video cuts the music at 1:25 and it feels a bit jarring but thematically appropriate. The non-video edits don’t have that cut so don’t worry about it interrupting you elsewhere. Listen below.

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Kings of Edelgran – Tall Tale

Kings of Edelgran opens their Tall Tale strongly into a whimsical musical journey. Their music video perfectly matches the sonic palette. Though not perfectly polished, the video does the song justice and provides a fitting visual accompaniment. Soaring vocals match in step with electric guitars and synthesizers. The song elicits a true feeling of euphoric exploration. Watch below.


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November 16, 2018

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