Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week November 2nd, 2018

This week is a knockout as we’ve got a bunch of catchy as hell songs for you. Do you like dancing? We’ve got tracks that will make you move. Do you like womps and lasers? We’ve got an awesome Future Bass track. Do you like melancholy? You can get your fill of the feels right here, with Fresh Tracks of the Week. Listen below.


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Yoe Mase – Homeless

Yoe Mase’s voice carries like a hopeful letter sent via USPS in his new song Homeless. The indie electro song builds up anticipation, just like that delivery you’ve been waiting for. Finally, and quickly, the chorus drops! And just as quickly as it comes it floats away and you’re returned to another verse. You find yourself wishing for another correspondence, and as the wind picks up you receive your gift – another chorus. All things must come to an end, and you are left thinking wishfully after the end of this uplifting yet longing song. Listen below.



Bonsai Mammal & Lils – Like Water

Like Water is a fitting title for this collaboration between Bonsai Mammal & Lils. There’s a flowing sense of ease within the song arrangement and instrumentation. Lils’ vocals run smoothly with the other sounds employed. The effortless sense of melancholy pervades throughout, and it’s all the better. We really like the chilled out house vibes of the song, you will too. Listen below.



Cassandra Maz – I Don’t Need Your Love

Cassandra Maz voice is powerful and resilient in her newest electropop single I Don’t Need Your Love. We’re granted with a video that rests on Cassandra’s solo performance. It fits seamlessly with the song that focuses equally on her as the source of emotion and flow. The melody is catchy and plays toward a tropical house vibe but stays hinged on Cassandra’s voice. She is a force to reckoned with. Listen below.


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Redz – Alive

Grab your helmets and buckle your seatbelts, we’re taken from load-in to launch off on this galactic soundscape. This duo from South Korea has been making waves in the Future Bass scene and for good reason. Their newest single Alive showcases their skill as sound designers and songwriters with catchy melodies and dope beats. It’s a good song from start to finish with the right amount of push and pulls. It’s fun to listen to and probably even better to see live. Listen below.



jarradcleofé & Frankliin – Come Undone (JADŪ105)

Please look around and search for any loose buttons, because we’ve come undone. Puns aside, this song gets the juices flowing. Synths, vocal shops, shakers – it’s got it all, and it’s funky as hell. This is a pleasure to listen to, and a damn pleasure to dance to. Take off your cardigans and unbutton your shirts, you’ll come undone soon enough. Listen below.



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