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November 30th, 2018

Welcome back, everyone! For those of you in the United States reading, we hope you enjoyed your holiday. Maybe you celebrate, maybe you don’t but most likely you had work off and took advantage. We’ve got some awesome songs to grace you with. Sexy dance music, funky house, spooky minimal techno, hip-hop, and more hip-hop. Listen below.

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Lupa J – You’re In My Headphones

Lupa J creates a sultry song with You’re In My Headphones. From the first words, we’re brought into a sexy world of pomp and mystique. The bassline is funky and wonderfully crispy. Crystalline bells and interspersed synthesizer stabs float around this space while Lupa J sings it, “I find myself losing my breath when I’m around you.” We’re a little out of breath too from grooving long, listen below.



DuBeats – Unreliable

Unreliable by DuBeats is one of the remixes on the Unreliable EP out now. It takes a more melodic house approach than its original source material. Halfway through the song, we’re graced with a twinkling Spanish guitar solo before dropping back in the beat. This song will definitely be a club favorite and easily mesh with your other songs. The song preview is below, and the full version is available from purchase on Beatport.



AB7VN – Dice

AB7VN [uh-bliv-ee-uh n] immerses listeners into a cool semi-paranoid musical world with this song. This cool minimalist piece builds a sonic world from the first second to the last. The vibes shift from experimental ambiance to dark techno and the like. The movement evokes an electronic and gritty shoegaze response. We totally dig it as background music or throw it into your next warehouse DJ set. Listen below.




Pe$o Gang is reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop in terms of beats and rap cadence. The instruments all feel organic while the arrangement harkens back to the stylings of basement hip-hop. Ruben Richy’s vocals have an interesting annunciation to each and every word. The breaks and production choices all scream underground to us, and we dig it. Minimal ad libs are present and thus don’t distract from the lead vocals but remind us often enough that we are listening to hip-hop. Listen below.



DK-Night – Try To Be Me

DK-Night may be the most unique vocalist in this week’s lineup. He is from Ukraine but sings in English and the result is wonderful. He sounds wild, it’s tough to describe. It plays a bit comedic but whether or not that was his intention it gives his music a fresh sense of authenticity. The production on the beat is also a bit wonky which adds to the silliness but it’s all around clean and hits hard. Don’t sleep on DK-Night. Listen below.


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