Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week November 9th, 2018

Hello hello! Things keep on moving here at Beat Lab Academy and thus we have another round of Fresh Tracks of the Week. Scroll down to listen to this week’s hottest selections. We’ve got an emotional trap/pop song, an awesome house song, an EDM banger, a great psychedelic rock song, and a kicking lounge song. Listen below.

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Roland Greco – Gem

Roland Greco lives up to the epicness of his name (really, it’s a hell of a name) with Gem. The production leaves little to want for, and his vocals are  – pardon the pun – a gem. The lead up to the chorus is as powerful as the drop which delivers. There are fully modern pop chops oozing from every note and smack of the snare. We’re really excited to see where Greco will be in a year, maybe less. Listen below.



SG Lewis – (ft. TEEDS)

SG Lewis and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs hit a lovely note with this dark single Alive. The beginning is effectively misleading with a smooth and quiet intro. That illusion is quickly destroyed when the beat drops and our ears are given the sweet sweet nectar. Like bees, we’re hypnotized by the hivemind, and the queen bee is the beat. Electro synths, house bass, and that classic TEED sound all carry us willingly to our next move. Listen below.



Bastille – Pompeii (Arcando & Afterfab Remix)

Skilled remixers Arcando and Afterfab showcase their skills in another banger. They chose a great song to remix with the indie/folk hit Pompeii by Bastille. Their production skills flip the build and drop found in the original with true grace. The power guitar riff in the background was a pleasant surprise. The drum and percussion production worked extremely well with Bastille’s vocals, which were processed slightly throughout for major effect.  Listen below.



Iwan Fish – Wet Socks

Iwan Fish’s Wet Socks is a psychedelic fever dream that wastes no time pulling us into his world. The falsetto harmony is one of many subtle touches that Iwan employs here to bring the listeners into a fully immersive adventure. Early morning, late at night, gloomy day, sunny day. This song will work for just about any type of day. It was impossible to not nod our heads to the song. We love it, you will too. Listen below.



Mind Trips – Revive

None of the furniture at the school was velvet this morning… until we turned on Revive. That’s how smooth this song is. The singer’s voice is dripping with subtle attitude – it’s there, but if you don’t listen carefully you could miss it. Maybe it’s because of that sexy wah guitar, or those staccato keys, or those drums. We looked around again, and now our school is a lounge. Mind Trips came suddenly is here with us. Did they come with the velvet furniture? Definitely. Listen below.



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Do you like what you hear in our reviews? You can submit your music to us through Submithub. You can also learn more about our school’s programs below!

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