Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week October 19th, 2018

Hello hello! This week we’ve got some impressive features and we know you’ll find something you want to listen to again. We’ve got some really powerful female voices featured today, along with some Lo-fi magic, an awesome indie electronic song, and an energetic electronic beat. Enjoy, scroll down to listen to this week’s fresh tracks.


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ZØYA – So Far Away

Zoya’s voice is incredibly powerful on this newest single, So Far Away.  Zoya has a history in making church music, her faith is tangible in this song. The production is beautiful on the instrumental side and never detracts from her vocals, it only enhances. This is the display of a pure professional – clean production, shining vocals, and emotion bleeding from every note. Zoya utilizes modern production techniques in the song but her vocals are always the focus, as they should be. Listen below!



Highschool Jacob – Leave You First

The proof is in the taste of the pudding here with the newest release from Highschool Jacob. The pudding tastes amazing. Nostalgic in name and in sound this song hits all the notes. The song is feelgood and the perfect amount of melancholic, which is supported lyrically and in the instrumental arrangement. But what about when the saxophone enters? Oh yeah. It happens. It’s more amazing stuff. Want to feel like your in high school again, but this time you’re crushing it? Listen below.



Mokhov – Super Sun

Super Sun is an energetic minimal dance track made from the sounds of a single synthesizer (the Jupiter 6). Super Sun is upbeat and filled with catchy riffs throughout that all come together to deliver a cohesive track. Following the likes of Todd Terje, the song is laced with bleeps and bloops all engineered for feeling joy. Mokhov created a video edit for the song featuring some breakdancers, it’s a video also worth checking out. For the full version, listen below.



Carter Fox – Vie

You’re driving. It’s drizzling. You reach for the windshield wipers but decide to pull over instead. Now you’re on the side of the road and lean your seat back to just enjoy the feeling of the world and its movements. This is what listening to Vie is like. This lo-fi delight brings a lot to the table in a neat package and is extremely pleasant t listen to. We hope you’ll take a drive, listen below.



Maccie – Dance For Your Queen

Booming 808’s open up this song from Maccie who immediately beckons “Dance for your queen, if you really want to please me.” There’s nothing like a strong empowered female claiming her stake, and Maccie doesn’t hold back. The song is sexy and pulsating. Maccie’s vocals are hypnotic when sung along with the beat. This song feels like it will perform as well in your earbuds as in a club. We certainly believe you’ll think so too. #futureisfemale. Listen below.



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