Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week October 5th, 2018

Welcome back! We’ve missed you. This week’s Fresh Tracks include a psychedelic rock adventure from Lukka, a dope trip-hop song track by Tensorplex, a laid-back funk song by Caius, a spooky indie song from Peeve, and a refreshing rap banger by TuReal.

Listen below!

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Lukka – Black Hole Fusion

“I am I am I am” is one of the lines repeated during this psychedelic sonic adventure from Lukka. What opens with an atmospheric drone and an eerie melody reminiscent of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon suddenly transforms into a trip down memory lane into the 60’s.

The melody is taken over by a running bassline that supports the vintage sheen that engulfs the entire piece, and it’s delightful. The drums tie every instrument together and seal the deal on the old school feel Lukka is aiming for. Her vocals are effortless, cool, and enjoyable to listen to. Rhythm guitars float in and out of the song like the waves of the surf-rock influence that they so seamlessly refer to.

While the song runs a healthy 3 minutes 42 seconds it feels full and complete, and as most songwriters wish for it leaves the listener wanting to come back for more. We’ve been listening on repeat, try it below.



Tensorplex – After Attica

Tensorplex started making music a year ago and has demonstrated impressive talent with After Attica, a trip-hop/downtempo song that sounds like it was made by the big players in the 90’s. Portishead, Prefuse 73, Massive Attack – these are a few names that popped up in our heads while listening to After Attica.

The song hits all the right notes – it has a strong and FUNKY bassline supported by breakbeat drum rhythms that pick up and slow down like a cool breeze. We’ve got our atmospheric pads and subtle bubbly synths that sneak between the shadows like the film-noir detective you will feel like when listening to this song.

Tensorplex’s SoundCloud page has many more songs ranging across various genres, this artist is definitely worth checking out.



Caius – Your Love

Saying this song is chill may not do it enough justice, because, it’s more than chill. It’s a laid-back funky ride with a stop for a drive-in movie worked in.  It’s an all-around vibe-a-licious song.

There is a lot of subtle beauty in this song due to the minimalist approach. The filtered drums, vocals, and a flurry of other instruments all add to the movement in this. The listener can’t help but rock back and forth, likely even side-to-side.



Peeve – Hallucination

Ever run around in the woods during early morning dawn? Well, close your eyes, because this song opens with that exact feeling. Ever run in the woods while being chased by a deranged killer? We haven’t either, but as soon as the vocals come in we are transported to a place where it becomes a little spooky.

That works for the song (especially now that it is October). The song doesn’t feel scary, but the vocal style and atmospheric production certainly adds an eerieness to the song that we’re fond of. Listen below!

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TuReal – Firearm

We thoroughly enjoyed this rap banger from TuReal – Firearm is a perfectly timed release from the rapper for many reasons. The first is that it goes hard. In an era of hip-hop where slow beats and R&B crooning reign king this is a refreshing homage to the mid-2010’s when the opposite was popular.

The production and the vocals both add to the style which so reminds of us Lil Wayne. It was a smart decision to time this release with the long-awaited Carter V from the Best Rapper Alive.

We couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the two with the tasteful auto-tune and vocal delivery. Listen below.



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