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September 14, 2018

Worldy atmospheres, funky bananas, nostalgic utopias, trippy lo-fi rhythms, and minimalist house tracks with smooth rhymes are what is in store for this week’s Fresh Tracks. Take a listen below and read while you’re at it!

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Mazoulew – Pangea

The title track from Mazoulew’s new Pangea EP is a four-minute atmospheric adventure that takes the listener to soaring highs and kickin’ lows. Mazoulew strikes a balance between peaceful and chaotic with the syncopated percussion patterns throughout the track. While unique in its own right the track harkens to artists in similar soundscapes – Bonobo and Four Tet are two that come to mind. A lush vocal chop echoes in the background while beautifully layered synths and bells grace our ears with melody. Finally, the guiding bass sitting below cradles us into a state of bliss.



Astens & Mr Toute Le Monde – Banana Split

Summertime becomes more endless with this groovy jam from Astens & Mr Toute Le Monde, with a song dedicated to the ‘Banana Split’ which is a euphemism in this context. There’s something wonderful about each musical genre’s history that makes it unique to its culture, and house music has its own blend of levity when it comes to production. A looping guitar lick entices listeners until a vocal chant comes in and breaks into the drop but halfway through the song a singer enters and starts singing about the banana split, you could say this is where the fun doubles in strength. Final words – it’s funky, take a listen.



Color Theory – The Future You is Forever

The Future You is Forever is the lead single from Color Theory’s upcoming synthwave album The Majesty of Our Broken Past. This will be Color Theory’s 10th album, and judging from the title track fans are in for a fun ride! The production immediately launches the listener into their memories of playing their favorite video game console. His signature style of “melancholy synthwave” is equally nostalgic and hopeful for the future. The album comes out today so you can buy it on his Bandcamp page if you like what you’ve heard so far!



Spaceship earth time does not exist – whoisjongalt

“Galt is acknowledged to be a philosopher and inventor; he believes in the power and glory of the human mind, and the rights of individuals to use their minds solely for themselves.” That is the information left by the producer ‘spaceship earth time does not exist’ regarding the name of the track whoisjongalt. While certainly informative it also gives the listener something to attach their perspective to during the length of the song, as rhythms bounce in and sounds cut out there are things to think about. Any fans of the Lo-Fi Hip-Hop culture will find comfort here, as well as fans of Trip-Hop.



Kurt Stewart – day goes by ft. declan (prod. kurt stewart)

Kurt Stewart delivers a fresh track with day goes by ft. declan. The song is minimalist in production which works for it, the instrumentation provides enough movement to support and allow the vocals focus. It’s one funky song in part thanks to the thumping bassline and drums, and once the rapping comes in we get ourselves something even more to groove to! We’re reminded of Kaytranda’s “You’re the One” with this song, Declan’s smooth rapping works effortlessly with Kurt Stewart’s production, we won’t be mad if they collaborate in the future.




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