Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 21, 2018

The end of summer is finally here so we have some tracks to wish you the best as we move into fall. For everyone living in Los Angeles this reluctant change in the seasons is still granting us 90-degree heat but soon enough the chill will follow, so until then enjoy some of the fresh tracks below! We’ve got some summer bangers, electronic R&B, Indie Pop magic, some evocative Trip-Hop, and an awesome live-rendition video.


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Netsky – Tequila Limonada ft. A.Chal

A cool car, cool clothes, cool hair, and a cool beat. The music video for Netsky’s new release Tequila Limonada certainly has the cool factor in big supply. The video features a party at a midcentury Spanish mansion located in the Hollywood Hills and evokes the perfect feelings as we all kiss summer goodbye. The editing on the video is beautiful and enough to watch on its own, so when combined with Netsky’s and A.Chal’s performances this video is a must see. The video frequently switches between a retro VHS sheen and a more modern filter which really enhances the mixed feelings about summer coming to its bittersweet end. The song centers around a catchy bossa nova piano melody and A.Chal’s vocals, with a pared-back Drum and Bass rhythm in the background. Both the song and the video are really fun to watch and listen to, Netsky said he “wanted the video for this track to represent simple, happy times; friends, drinks, summer parties. It started off with the director, my friend Diego and his team, finding this incredible mid-century Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills and it all came together quite quickly from there. We invited a bunch of friends to come and have a party with us and filmed it! Gotta shout out A.CHAL for his amazing performance. Such a star. And I got to fulfil one of my dreams of playing an old vintage drum-kit in a music video.” Watch the video below.


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Roet – I Need Ya

Roet just dropped a hot new single featuring his signature Electronic R&B style. The highlight of the song is the slightly overdriven bass that bumps along under the crispy production and silky vocals. The song is minimalistic in a very pleasing way, Roet’s powerful lead vocals are interspersed with a higher pitched backup vocal. His emotion really comes through during the chorus with some edginess in his voice.



Dansu – Love Is Ours

“Introducing DANSU – an indie electro act whose neo-pop grooves are scarily catchy yet refreshingly unpretentious.” Dansu lives up to that quote they provided fully throughout this truly catchy song. This song harkens back to the early 2010’s when Indie Rock/Pop reigned king of the festival circuit, the lead vocalist sounds eerily similar to the lead singer of Two Door Cinema Club a few times during the song which plays to the band’s advantage. Palms clap throughout the song giving it a fun sing-along kind of vibe without sounding too cheesy. The lead guitar and accompanying synth or piano riffs tease with familiarity but always stay true to the motif of the song. Take a listen below and have a blast!



This Bliss – Make It Real

This Bliss’s take on trip-hop is presented in good form with Make It Real, “slinky vocals meet electronic sampler beats and tremolo guitars.” Their mix of electronica and trip-hop manifest in an engaging sonic journey. The song plays like a noir film, which is exactly in line with the aim of the band (as seen in the album title) who described the album to be music written: “through the eyes of a crime novelist.” The really evokes the images the band set out to inspire and that is such a beautiful accomplishment on their part, we can only hope for an accompanying music video sometime soon. Listen below!



FAANGS – Love Fast Die Young

FAANGS recorded an amazing live rendition of their song Love Fast Die Young in this video below. The song is a heartfelt ballad that plays especially well in this format and the set they chose for the video. The video is shot utilizing nearly a single take in the rotating-gimble video format that is popular with artists live looping. Here they capitalized on the format wonderfully (taking advantage of a Roland RC-505 and a Maschine Studio for anyone wondering). The vocals are so damn good and the guitar licks are so tastefully placed we couldn’t stop ourselves from watching over and over again. Do yourself a favor and watch the video below.


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