Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week September 28, 2018

We’re back with Fresh Tracks of the Week. Below we have some EDM bangers, some indie rock glory, some synthpop madness, and some laid back house tunes. Enoy this week’s edition of Fresh Tracks.

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Nala – Telepathy

Nala just dropped a new single, a laid-back house song “Telepathy” which is full of character. Pulsating bass jellies with syncopated percussion rhythms in the background which pushes the vibe of the song toward something very primal and tribal. The song is as experimentally delicious and her own as much as her previous works. It’s hard not to groove to the swing of the beat and her caressing vocals. Listen below.



Slenderbodies – the one

Smooth, sultry, and thumpin’ are a few words you could use to describe Slenderbodies’ newest single, “the one”. Shimmery guitars support ethereal and soaring vocals that span across the stereo field in a beautiful dance. The chorus line repeats, “you could be the one to take my breath away” and certainly feels personal, the production backing these words are glittery and full of heavy emotion, something in the sound feels heavy.

Tangie Town – Wounded Sky

Indie Rock is back! That was the first feeling I had when the first chorus broke just 30 seconds into this song. Though Indie Rock has hardly gone anywhere this song was a refreshing mix of the classic Indie Rock sound of the early 2010’s flawlessly mixed in with the folk sound that was everywhere to be found in the mid-2010’s. Now as we find ourselves deep into the late 2010’s we can be relieved to experience mixes of those sounds that were inescapable in the past decade. Tangie Town nailed it with “Wounded Sky,” as it is as catchy as it is nostalgic without trying to be. Listen below.



Dani Kays – Savior ft. Lexi Scatena

Producer Dani Kays just released his new single “Savior” featuring Lexi Scatena on vocals. What you experience is an uplifting musical journey, Scatena’s vocals help send this EDM song above and beyond right after the bouncing synths push you into a steady lift off. A lovely piano melody runs in parallel with Scatena as the more electronic sounds flow in and out of the song. Here’s what Kays had to say about the writing process,

I like writing lyrics that in some way can be relatable, at least to myself. I also think it’s up to the listener to interpret it as its own…But in the big picture, it’s a metaphor for finding that special person, thing or interest that makes you get through the day. For me, it’s about being deep down, you don’t know how to get up, you’re trying and you’re trying and no matter what you do, it just isn’t enough. And it’s about finding that special purpose that just grabs you hard and pull you up. If you’ve ever experienced that special thing, you know exactly what I mean…

Listen below!



Grandeur – Untethered

Untethered is an interesting song mixed full of tasteful 80’s sounds mixed with a very effective use of distorted guitars. The gruff vocals are sung in a perfectly punk style that harkens back to the original wave of New wave music. The band Grandeur lists New England as their home base but could easily be mistaken for English transplants based on this song’s stylistic choices. It’s a cool song, listen below.


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