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This past weekend Beat Lab Academy presented a free workshop presented by Daniel Goodman of the hit producer Dj duo, Gladiator.




Gladiator has been a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene and have made a name for themselves in the Trap/Big Room genre. Both LA natives, Daniel and his partner Ian have played at shows all across the nation including Hardfest and Electric Daisy Carnival.

In his workshop Daniel covered topics which included his method of sample organization and workflow. His streamlining of samples allows him to quickly find and pick out sounds of choice from his huge extensive library. This helps him to produce tracks at the most professional speed.

Daniel demonstrated how he makes a beat and explained his philosophy behind his music. He showed the use of putting vocal samples through Ableton’s vocoder with Overdrive on top to create Gladiator’s signature rhythmic vocal patterns thats heard throughout their music. He states that finding the right syncopated pattern is essential to making people dance and groove.

He also talked about his inspirations. Daniel believes Ableton is a canvas, and all the sounds you create from it make a painting. He creates music based on what he sees in everyday life which includes watching other DJs perform. He also stresses the importance of creating distinct builds and drops.. that variation and being creative with them can help make your tracks stand out. His main idea behind his production is  to create a visual story for a this way it helps the listener get deeper into your track.




I think the most important thing Dan talked about in his workshop was his view on pursuing music as a career. As an active traveling DJ and producer he mentions that the west coast is a hub for the electronic music scene and most producer DJs live and work here in Los Angeles. He digressed on finding a collective that fits your vibe and grow with them.. Connecting and building can help you get to where you want to be quicker than doing things alone, and that being generous and grateful to everyone you meet will help you get far as well.

Fortunately this won’t be Daniel’s last workshop because he will be added to the Beat Lab Academy staff.. so if you’re thinking about taking future courses at Beat Lab don’t miss a chance to learn from this talented and knowledgeable dude.

You can find more about Gladiator and their music here:



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