The Best Free and Paid Serum Presets

Xfer Serum is the wavetable synthesizer that has taken the music production world by storm over the past few years. We want to share its glory with you today.

Any producer you talk to has either used it or heard of it. Steve Duda created the powerhouse plugin because there was a space for it.

“The dream synthesizer did not seem to exist: a wavetable synthesizer with a truly high-quality sound, visual and creative workflow-oriented interface to make creating and altering sounds fun instead of tedious, and the ability to “go deep” when desired – to create / import / edit / morph wavetables, and manipulate these on playback in real-time.”

In this article, we want to celebrate the plugin and the holidays by giving you a list of the Best Preset packs for Serum. We polled from the leading suppliers of presets – PluginBoutique, Loopmasters, and Cymatics. Continue below for our list.

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Free Presets

For those of you not interested in paying for preset packs we want to share a few favorites for free packs. Enjoy the list below for some references to the best free serum packs.

Gravitas Create

Last but not least is the pack from Gravitas Create. You’ll get 120 kick ass presets to enjoy. You have to supply your email to them to get the download, click below to get their presets!

As a follow up to Catalyst Vol. 1 that had 120 Free Serum Presets from Au5, Psymbionic, ill-ēsha, AMB, Cryptex, Kermode, WOLF-e-WOLF, Dysphemic, Bassline Drift, POCKiTZ, and David Starfire, Gravitas Create has unveiled Gravitas Create Vol. 2.

Catalyst Vol. 2 is 164 Free Serum Presets from AHEE, Buzz Junior, Chrizpy Chriz, Encanti of ZEE, Jon Casey, K+Lab, Labden, Mindex, Mr. Bill, Orenda, Prismatic, Psymbionic, Secret Recipe, Templo, and Wolf-e-Wolf. They’ve also tossed in some of their favorite serum presets from Flavors Future Bass Vol. 1 and Overdrive – Bass House Sample Pack & Serum Presets Vol. 1.


Cymatics is the leader in this for a reason, and in addition to paid presets, they also have a number of free packs for you. Click here to download.

Bass Gorilla

Bass Gorilla has an awesome amount of free presets for you on this page here. You get 86 different presets that will blow you away.

Paid Presets:

Mode Audio

Mode Audio is a site with high-quality audio loops, presets, and general dopeness. There you will find popular ambient serum presets along with the rest of their catalog.

Click here to check it out!

Plugin Boutique

What About: Phantom Serum Presets

The most popular preset pack found on the PluginBoutique website is the “What About: Phantom Serum Presets.” This pack includes 233 presets created by W.A. Productions. The pack can be used as starting points for your productions, learning tools, or fully-fledged out presets made for your use.

The presets range in style from Melodic Dubstep, Trap, DnB, House, and Future Bass.

You can get it now for $3.90 by clicking the sub-header above in orange.

Serum Megabundle from Aubit 

This bundle has won a PluginBoutique award and is listed in the top sellers. It’s a huge bundle that includes:

91 bass presets, 22 guitar presets, 57 chord presets, 56 keys, 93 leads, 18 pads, 100 plucks, 14 sequencers, 137 synth patches, 2 woodwind, 35 fx, 12 pianos, 24 vocal patches, 4 brass patches, 12 strings, 5 percs. Also includes 97 custom made noise samples for Serum.

The pack comes with presets for Future Bass, Pop, House, Chillwave, Trap and “every sub-genre in between.” These presets emulate the sounds popularised by artists such as Illenium, Flume, ODESZA, Martin Garrix, Petit Biscuit, Grey, Lauv, The Chainsmokers, The 1975, DJ Snake and Brooks.

It’s a truly incredible pack that will keep you creating for endless hours. If you’re looking for something HUGE to dive into. This is it. Aubit released the statement below,

This bundle includes every Serum presets we have ever released. To buy the 15 packs these presets come from it would cost $225, but for a limited time only we’re offering all 690 of the presets for just $15. You don’t want to miss out on this deal – we won’t be offering it again.

Click on the sub-header above to purchase the pack.

Serum Dance Essentials

This pack is from Producer Tech, and it is full of awesome presets to get people moving. The pack includes:  22 bass presets, 5 FX, 14 leads, 14 pads, 8 Plucks, and 11 sequences patches. The pack will become an essential (see what we did there) part of your toolkit. Any dance producer “craving forward thinking, dancefloor-shaking sounds,” should invest in this pack.

Get it now for $25.20 by clicking on the sub-header above.

Serum Synth Wave

Patchworx is known for its high-quality sample banks and presets packs. This one is riding the increasingly popular 80’s sound with presets full of Warm and Crunchy Basses, Digital Leads, FM Keys and Sci-Fi SFX Sounds.

Included are 22 Bass Presets, 4 Drum Presets, 8 SFX Presets, 18 Keys Presets, 12 Lead Presets, 13 Pad Presets and 4 Pluck Presets plus 78 Wav Loops and 77 MIDI files. With this pack, you can start making groovy songs for the dance floor.

Get yours now for $18.88 by clicking on the sub-header above.


Fourward DnB Sounds

This pack is one of the leading packs found on Loopmasters, a website known for its sample packs and instruments presets. This specific pack is, “a high performance, sonic assault from one of the most outstanding drum & bass outfits to have emerged from Austria in recent years, Fourward.” That’s an intenese description so your for sure in for  some awesome design chops here.

The pack includes 22 bass presets, 16 drums presets, 13 synth presets, 6 FX presets, 6 pad presets, 6 sequence presets, 5 mids presets, 4 lead presets and 2 keys presets. There are also 80 MIDI files and 80 Wav Loops (Midi + Preset) recorded at standard studio quality (24bit at 44.1kHz).

Get your copy now for $19.68 by clicking on the orange link above.

Dark & Atmospheric DnB

Patchworx is again at the top of the list here with their Dark & Atmospheric DnB preset pack. The sounds in it are curated for making real rave bangers. Red hot leads and classic cinematic-style womps are included.

In the pack you’ll get 16 Basses, 13 Leads, 13 Plucks, 8 Pads, 8 Atmospheres and 6 FX. As a bonus, you’ll get 64 MIDI files and 64 Wav Loops recorded at studio quality (24bit and 44.1kHz).

Get yours now for $19.68 by clicking the sub-header above!


Free Download Vault

This is one of three packs from Cymatics hat we wanted to include in our list. Cymatics is a legend in the industry for its killer sounds. They never leave any stone unturned. Find all of the most recent and greatest goodies in their Free Download Vault. Click the subheader in orange above to visit their site.

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