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Tracktion has recently introduced its first virtual synthesizer which uses samples from organic and urban sounds, making for a powerful instrument. The BioTek Synthesizer really worked to distinguish itself from other synthesizers you could find in the market, by tapping into 20 years worth of samples recorded in locations like Seattle, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Texas.

BioTek is backed with a team of legends including Wolfram Franke, the main software architect behind multiple synthesizer programs for the esteemed german software company, Waldorf. Sound design is lead by Tahio Yamada, who is credited for the Alesis Andromeda synthesizer and the M-Audio Venom while graphic design is led by Kristina Childs. With a team of daring and innovative minds, BioTek ends up with the a refined, highly intuitive and highly powerful virtual modular synth.


So what makes the interface so fresh? Tracktion describes it like so: the combination of environmental samples with a cutting edge synthesis engine which connects “processing chains and modulations in weird and wonderful ways.” BioTek is presented as a single screen display with a set of user macro control arranged in an XY format. BioTek is also equipped with a powerful arpeggiator which can apply to both audio and drums, to create a melodic rhythm while tweaking your sound.

The BioTek Organic synthesizer provides a powerful, fresh look at synthesizers, with a cutting edge perspective on sound synthesis. You can currently snag it for $150 as a direct download. The BioTek is sure to add another dimension to your production and is worth at least a demo try.

Check out the video below to fully gauge how new the Biotek looks.


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