Blocs Wave – Novations New iOS App

Novation just released a brand new IOS App under their sub-company called Blocs Wave. An app designed to create quick musical ideas by combining a collection of sound, in an improvised, on-the-go, in-the-moment-manner. Includes a sleek and intuitive layout that displays waveforms and allows you to adjust, tweak, and time stretch the sound in real time.

Blocs Wave includes a wide range of sounds form a number of different genres including chip tune, club classics, trap elements, stellar songwriting, starlight soundtrack, slow jams, rock radio, retro trap, retro techno, retro EDM, house of EDM, house heads, hip hop hustle, and garage grunge. On top of the presets you can import your own sounds to warp and recreate, or you can record directly into your IOS device.



(A look at the time stretching view)

Blocs Waves foundation is within the time stretching ability and its visual display of your wave forms and banks on those two elements to carry its ability to make original sounds. Aside from those two main components Blocs Wave includes the following:

Basic Features

  • Made for iPad and iPhone
  • Combine 8 sounds at the same time
  • 6 sound packs included (nearly 300 loops)
  • Browser Modes include: Discover, Soundpack, Type filtering
  • Store view: 12 soundpacks available, updated weekly
  • Download on-the-move – Optimised for 3G/4G mobile networks
  • 3D touch enabled on iPhone 6 Plus – Preview sounds and waveforms

Advanced Features

  • Real-time Stretch Engine – Change tempo at any time
  • In-Key System – Helps keep you in key at all times (Minor)
  • Low-Latency Recording – Ideal for live looping.
  • iPad Pro supported – Optimised to use the entire iPad Pro screen
  • Import and export from AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail
  • Record and monitor using most USB audio interfaces
  • Audiobus, AudioCopy and hardware input and outputs supported


The price of Novation’s new app is $4.99 which is bang for the buck considering the unique capabilities the App provides. CLICK HERE to download, and checkout the video below to see Blocs Wave in action.


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