Blokdust – Retro-Futuristic Music Making Inside Your Browser


A simple and easy to use interactive music-making browser, build synths and sounds all with your mouse and keyboard! Blokdust keeps things simple while providing a variety of source sounds and effects to allow you creative freedom. You can also load samples into the browser and work with those. To get a little more advanced you can can connect any MIDI controller to your synthesizer.

This is a great introduction to synthesizers and sampling. With a very simple interface you can intuitively click around and discover all the different synth and sampling options available. The effects browser is limited, but in this case that’s a good thing – without too much to get lost in you can really get a sense of what each effect does to your sound. It’s also extremely easy to share whatever you’ve made at the end of your session. This could also be a great tool just for putting an idea down quickly.

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You can try this awesome online music making environment HERE

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