Blue Screen of Death! – Isotonik Studios M4L Device

Isotonik Studios recently released a MaxforLive Device that recreates the Blue Screen of Death sound effect. Remember the glory days back when computers ran smoothly and no problems ever occurred, ever? Oh wait, that’s never been the case.If you have been fortunate enough to miss out on computer issues then you have been truly robbed of the bliss of seeing the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ known to many a computer user. This screen represents a generation of technical frustration brought upon innocent computer users worldwide. The blue screen of death is what happens when your computer is experiencing a critical malfunction that typically precedes the death of the computer.


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That beloved sound was created by a freeze in the audio processors of the computer, an effect which has been recreated in Isotonik Studios’ BSOD plugin. The device freezes samples so it can be used to turn sounds into pads, distort them beyond recognition, or for a slicer effect. Another handy use it to place this on a track and use it as a gater. The device interface is simple as it gets with the freeze parameters adjustable by gate frequency, gate width, and dry/wet mix. The icing on the top? All of the controls are MIDI controllable. So how much for this dopeness? The device costs $9, so what are you waiting for? Go get it!

You can purchase the device here on the Isotonik website. Watch the demo video below:

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