A guide to Sonic Emotions


A Modern Approach to Composition

Expand your understanding of music theory - advanced scales, chords, melodies, and harmony. For those who are more advanced, this is a great way to solidify the foundation of your music theory knowledge and can be extremely beneficial in improving your workflow and getting past writer's block!

Student Goals & Outcomes

  •  To have an understanding of how all music is integrally built in a simple, easy to understand fashion.
  • To understand function, form, and how progressions and melodies are created to the point of knowing how and why you choose notes.
  • To be able to write your own harmonies and melodies from scratch with ease.
  • To have tools and easy to understand processes that guide starting from scratch and ending with fully fleshed out musical sections.
  • To understand music as a whole based upon western music and history, taught through modern music, electronic music, film music, and other contemporary genres that use these methods.

Section breakdown

  1. Learning how music is built through listening and analysis - Analyzing genre’s and categorizing music in purpose-built harmonic sections. - Listening and understanding progressions, structure, and intention. - Using a simple foundation for your musical material that you can build anything off of.
  2. Harmony and Melody breakdown - Understand harmony and melody in a simplistic way with the goal of understanding your own music. - Learn how melody and harmony relate to each other. - Learn the tools and rules around writing melodies and harmonies. - Learn how to construct progressions and melodies in a thoughtful and intentional fashion.
  3. Tricks and Cheat Codes - Learn about systems and how to approach writing with ease. - Utilize compositional cheats and harmonic tricks to generate progressions and melodies simply. - Have an understanding of how to breakdown your own music, then improve/expand/change it over time to control your progressions and melodies.

This Course Includes

  • How music is “built” with composition and arrangement

  • Scales – how they work, how to use them

  • How to compose chords and melody with intention

  • Genre specific composition – trap, house, pop, hip-hop

Beat Lab Students Get

Unlimited access to your courses to support your journey of becoming a professional music producer using the popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Ableton Live. The Curriculum can be accessed at any time from Computer, Phone or tablet Exclusive class notes, videos, and cheat sheets. (Optional) One-On-One Mentorship Sessions This course is aimed at beginner-intermediate music producers.
  • Immediate Access to Beat Lab Academy Online course curriculum (For Lesson Plan Click Here)
  • Methodical Musical Development
  • Exclusive Student Discounts

What you will need

  • A laptop that can run modern music production software
  • Ableton Live 10 Standard or Suite (Student Discounts Available)
  • MIDI Keyboard



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