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This program guides you through the process of planning, creating, and finalizing a music project. To complete, the student will be required to create a 1 track single. we'll go into a series of in-depth mixing lessons covering the art of EQ, Space, Distortion, and Dynamics to help you make your music the best it can be. We'll finalize the music by designing and building your own custom mastering chains to prepare your music for the specifics platform you going to release on (Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, CD, radio, Club etc...) For the final week, the students will create their artist bio, cover art, press kit, website, media package, and artist branding under the guidance of a music branding professional. The student is expected to release his/her EP independently or commercially through a label.


Submit a concept plan for your project. Include:
  1. Name of Artist
  2. Name of Song/Track
  3. Concept Description (What is the EP all about? What vibe are you going for? Where do you think will be the ideal place to play the EP? The ideal time? Is there a culture, scene or specific style that you inspire from? Will the music be designed for headphone, car, club etc. environment? Is the production based on electronic or acoustic instruments or maybe a hybrid? if you plan to record real instruments like vocalists, drummers, guitarists etc.. do you know who will play on the album? do you need help to get connected to other instrumentalists, songwriters, sound designers, etc.?)
  4. A list of 10 labels that release similar style to your planned Song/Track

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