Developing Perfect Pitch – Free Online Ear Training Tools and Tutorials


Why Ear Training?

For producers who use reference tracks as a starting point, ear training is a crucial practice that could greatly leverage the producer’s ability to hear the greater details of a track. It also enables producers to quickly transcribe the rhythmic ideas, chords and melodies in their mind.

There are many good ear training softwares such as Ear Master 6 with over 2000 pitch and rhythm identification exercises. Another software for synth programming identification is Syntorial. It is a software that teaches subtractive synthesis by training the ear to identify the different stages of subtractive synth programming.

Below are a few free ear training websites:

1. The Rhythm Trainer (

The Rhythm Trainer lets the user choose between two different types of exercises. For exercise A, the user selects the rhythms that they hear. For exercise B, the user sees the rhythm first and then select the corresponding audio.

2. ( contains a wide range of pitch training exercises including interval ear training, scale ear training and chord ear training. All the exercises are customizable. For example, the user can choose between a guitar or piano. Aside from its ear training exercises, the website also has interactive music theory lessons that are great for beginners.

3. EQ Your Ears (

For more technical ear training, EQ Your Ears trains your ability to identify different frequencies. This is skill is particularly useful for eliminating problem frequencies in your mix.

Ear Training Tutorials from Music Experts

To learn more about different expert’s approach on ear training, below are some ear training tutorials given by renown mixing engineers and music experts.

1. Ear Training Tutorial with Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer, Dave Pensado

2. How To Develop Perfect Pitch by Rick Beato 

3. Berkeley Online Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training Tutorial

What are your thoughts on ear training? Please feel free to share more ear training resources! 

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