DRUMS – Spitfire LABS is Back With a New Drum Library

Spitfire Audio is back with their latest installment of their FREE to download professionally sampled audio library collection LABS (Let’s All Become Something). We covered their first two releases early last month for their Piano and Strings instruments. Both of those libraries proved to be quality options especially given the price tag of FREE. So, this time around we are provided their foray into drums – courtesy of drummer Oliver Waton and engineer Stanley Gabriel – and super happy for the option.

If you are new to the Spitfire Audio LABS plugin then you may be relieved to find the user interface is minimalistic. There are only 3 controls – the 2 sliders and one large knob – Expression, Dynamics, and Reverb. Expression is described as an internal volume control in the tutorial below but they don’t expand upon the details so we’re guessing it is somewhat related to velocity and varies the ratio between velocity range and volume output. Dynamics is responsible for the actual dynamics of the drum kit and thus acts like a compressor; when the slider is turned all the way down you will have full dynamic range. The internal reverb is a useful feature and sounds like it may mix in some room tone from the actual recording studio. Check the tutorial video below if you want to hear those instructions in a lovely English accent with visuals of the plugin.


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Easy to use, it sounds great, and it’s free. We can’t get enough of the LABS collection and cannot wait to see what Spitfire Audio bestows upon us next. As they said themselves, DRUMS was “Recorded at Spitfire HQ in 2012 using top-of-the-range mics, these drums showcase the talents of drummer Oliver Waton and engineer Stanley Gabriel. Play and program an awesome piece of kit — ba dum tss!”

Download your free copy from the Spitfire Audio website here.


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