XronoMorph – Explore Rhythms in New Ways

Check out this awesome free application from Dynamic Tonality. It offers a new way of approaching rhythm composition.

XronoMorph utilized mathematical approach that uses two main methods: perfect balance and well-formedness.

Check out the video demo on the bottom.

A few words from the developer.

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Perfectly Balanced and Well-Formed Rhythms

The mathematical principles utilized by XronoMorph are perfect balance and well-formedness (MOS).

Perfect balance is a generalization of the polyrhythms found in many African and jazz musical traditions. A rhythm is perfectly balanced when the mean position (centre of gravity) of all its rhythmic events, when arranged on a circle, is the centre of that circle.

Well-formedness is a generalization of the additive rhythms found in aksak (Balkan), sub-Saharan African, and progressive rock musical traditions. Well-formed rhythms contain no more than two interonset intervals, arranged as evenly as possible. WF rhythm are typically nested by faster WF rhythms, which in combination form complex interlocking rhythmic hierarchies.

More detailed explanations of the two principles are provided in the videos on the XronoMorph YouTube channel and in the following papers:

Milne, A. J., Herff, S. A., Bulger, D., Sethares, W. A., and Dean, R. (2016). XronoMorph: Algorithmic generation of perfectly balanced and well-formed rhythms. In Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. Brisbane, Australia.

Milne, A. J. and Dean, R. T. (2016). Computational creation and morphing of multilevel rhythms by control of evenness. Computer Music Journal, 40(1):35–53.

Milne, A. J., Bulger, D., Herff, S., and Sethares, W. A. (2015). Perfect balance: A novel principle for the construction of musical scales and meters. In T. Collins, D. Meredith, and A. Volk (Eds.), Mathematics and Computation in Music—MCM 2015, volume 9110 of LNAI, pages 97–108, Heidelberg. Springer.

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A New Loop Generator

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(*Please note that on OSX machines the legacy version of JAVA 6 needs to be installed. Get it HERE)

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