Electric Piano – Spitfire Audio’s LABS Releases New Instrument

Spitfire Audio is back with their wonderful LABS series, Let’s All Become Something. LABS is a free series of virtual instruments based on sample libraries recorded for use in rompler software instruments. Each instrument has an easy to use interface and features only a few knobs for choosing your sound, that way it is guaranteed to stay out of your way and aid in sweet sweet music making. This is the fifth release in the series following some drums, a piano, and various string instruments.

This time around they have gotten to the grind and recorded a flavorful Electric Piano instrument for free download. The samples were recorded by Henry Cornish on a beautiful electric piano, we’re inclined to agree with Spitfire when they said, “This legendary vintage electric piano is set to become a firm favourite for all.” Watch the video below for a quick peek into the background of the recording process.

LABS Electric Piano is available for FREE download at the Spitfire Audio website. You’ll need to create an account if you haven’t already, it’s free, so you can download the Spitfire Audio download manager. There you can download all the other LABS instruments as they become available, including the ones already released. All you need to do is enter your email to create an account and you can download from the website.


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