faSampleDelay – FREE Phase Alignment Utility

Forward Audio announced recently the beta release of their plugin – faSampleDelay. The plugin is meant to be a phase alignment utility to make minor adjustments to your audio phases. This is what Forward Audio had to say about it, “faSampleDelay will be your new favourite sample delay Plugin with an unrivaled intuitive GUI. You need a versatile and reliable tool for small phase alignment tasks in your guitar or drum recording? This is the ultimate choice.” Below are some of the features:

  • Sample accurate time delay up to 100.000 Samples / approximately 2 seconds @ 48 kHz
  • Fully scalable GUI
  • A/B comparisons
  • 4 different input units (ms, foot, meter & Samples)
  • Intuitive delay knob with adjustable min and max values for narrow delay spans
  • Samplerate linkable to time delay
  • CPU saving algorithm
  • Supports Samplerates between 44.100 – 192.000 Hz

The user interface is pretty easy to follow with the large knob in the middle dedicated to the delay amount which can be measured in milliseconds, feet, meters, or samples. What’s quite nice is that the window is resizable, we love that. The internal algorithm is optimized for low CPU usage which allows this plugin to be extremely precise in its capabilities. Though it is still in beta you can register now on their website and download the plugin for free (VST, VST3, AU). If you want to learn more about the plugin watch the video below.


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