Freebies Round-Up – Beat Lab Tools Collected

We’re dedicated to providing affordable education to the entire music community, so we’re always giving away plugins, videos, tutorials, etc. Money may be tight, or you’re just looking to save up any way, so we gathered some of the best free resources Beat Lab has to offer.

In this article, we’ll go over some of our most popular freebies. Check them out below!

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Beat Lab Autotuna



Ever wanted your vocals to sound like Post Malone or Daft Punk? Well now is the perfect time to try it out. With our free download, you’ll be able to autotune your vocals with total ease.

Make sure you have Max for Live, otherwise the device won’t work. If you don’t have Live Suite then now is the perfect time to upgrade! Check out Ableton’s free 90-day trial of Live Suite, or take advantage of our student discounts by enrolling in one of our online courses.

Check out our article on how to use the device here.


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Beat Lab Instant Afro



We can find influences of Afro-Cuban and Latin rhythms in all styles of music. The main rhythm that inspired other cultures all over the world was the clave rhythm.

Interestingly enough, the African rhythms they were inspired by came back to Africa. Today, we can hear the clave rhythm in modern African pop music, Dancehall, Reggaeton, and even dance music like big room house and tribal.

Download the Instant Afro MaxforLive device for FREE. This device will help you make Afro drum patterns with the click of a button. You must have Live Suite or Live + Max in order to use this device.


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Get an in-depth tutorial form the original article here. Keep reading for more freebies!


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Beat Lab Instant Sampler



Just can’t enough, can you? Good thing, because we have more free downloads! Another custom device from Beat Lab, our Instant Sampler. Find the original article here for an in-depth tutorial. Get your download below!


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Beat Lab MPC Pad Cycler for Live



Here’s another free Max for Live device! This one is for the finger drummers – MPC Style Pad Cycler for Ableton. This device allows you to load as many samples as you want on one pad. And cycle between the samples in all sorts of ways while still using just one pad!

Read the original article to learn how to use the plugin, and find your free download below.


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Beat Lab Drum Buss Key Follower



The new Drumbuss Audio Effect in Live 10 is an efficient powerhouse of processing. It has a built-in compressor, clipper, saturation, distortion and Transient shaping.

Ableton added to that their secret sauce in a low resonator that can take create some enormous 808-ish bass out of any audio with some low-end content.

The best part about it is that you can tune the resonating bass note using the Freq knob.

Now thanks to Max for Live we are able to play the Drumbuss’s Boom section!!! See the original article here for a more in-depth look.

This device was Developed by Dez. Modded by Yeuda Ben-Atar for Beat Lab.


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Beat Lab Live Device Cheat Sheets


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Live Device’s can be confusing, there are so many buttons! That’s why we created cheat sheets! Find our cheat sheets collection here on the Beat Lab Blog. Each download can be found in the corresponding article.

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Free MIDI Files



Remaking your favorite songs is a great way to practice your skills. What better way to do that with the actual MIDI files! Check out our HUGE list of resources where you can find free MIDI files. Read the list here.

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Beat Lab Should I Buy It? Series


Beat Lab’s founder – Yeuda Ben-Atar – has been producing music for over 15 years now, and his expertise is invaluable. In this Youtube series, Yeuda reviews different plugins and lets you know the answer to the question, “Should I buy it?” We rate the plugins, and then break down our scoring system with a walkthrough of each. Watch the video series below!


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Out of a score of 10, we rate each plugin. If you want some further reading then definitely check out the articles we put together to accompany the videos. Find them here on our blog.

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Beat Lab Shorts



Need some quick tips on Ableton Live, but don’t have enough time to watch full tutorials? Watch our Beat Lab Shorts – 30-60 second videos with the most creative quick-tips and techniques out there, all about Ableton Live. All of our videos go up on Instagram, so just follow our page and the hashtag #beatlabshorts to always be up to date.

If video tutorials aren’t enough for you, then you should capitalize on our frequent Masterclasses. Read more below.

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Beat Lab Masterclasses



We’ve been offering Masterclasses monthly all year, and now we’re ramping up efforts. We’ll be hosting biweekly (at least) workshops and masterclasses ONLINE for free, and affordable ticket prices.

You can find the schedule here on our events page, and RSVP for events on the corresponding pages as well. We also are offering a discounted bundle for the upcoming workshops, reserve your seat in all of them for a discounted total price!

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Beat Lab Sale and Ableton 90-day Trial



While it’s not free, both of these resources are heavily discounted at this time. We are offering our online classes at 50% off, which is a total steal. Combine that with the 90-day trial for Ableton Live Suite and you’ve got yourself a few months of incredible savings.

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Want to customize your learning experience? Check out Beat Lab’s Learning Modules to target your specific needs!

Recommended Modules


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