Fresh Tracks of the Month August 5th, 2019

Ahoy ahoy, we hope everyone is shaving a smooth summer and enjoying their vacations. If you haven’t been on vacation don’t worry, we’re back with another edition of Fresh Tracks of the Month so you can turn on, tune in, and drop out with us, listen below.

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DJ Sidereal – McLaren

DJ Sidereal hit us with the jam a few weeks ago and were so excited to share it with everyone. It’s a blissful Big House/Progressive House track full of energy and perfect for summer! The catchiest melody rides throughout and falls in line with the drums effortlessly. Dj Sidereal truly expresses his skills on this production with choice sound design and arrangement. There is never a dull moment, listen below.



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Greesha – Burn This Fire

Burn This Fire starts off hot with a lovely vocal line that leads up into and through the drop. Once we get there we’re guided through an exciting and bouncy hook. Greesha’s melodies are as easy to catch to as a sideglance whilst in a conversation with a teenager. Another pool party jammer has made its way onto our list. Grab your swimsuit and some sunscreen, listen below.



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Kit & Sophia – First Breath

Kit & Sophia hit us with a lovely duet laced out in soft chords and warm harmonies. The instrumentation is beautifully complemented by the production. This song is more in the Neo-Soul realm and thus isn’t a party banger like the other songs on this list but it’s just as appealing to the ears. It’s nice to have some variety and that’s exactly what we get, the song is full of surprising elements. Try it on for size, listen below.



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Mayssa Karaa – Simple Cure

Simple Cure by Mayssa Karaa is a hit in the making. The vocals are welcoming and silky, her range is impressive as she soars from lower to higher octaves. If you like beautiful voices and orchestration then you’ll love this song. She hits us right in the feels! Keep an eye on this rising star. Listen below.



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Bombay Fugitive – Easter Sunday

Bombay Fugitive slid into our DM’s and took our breath away. Easter Sunday is eerily reminiscent of the early 2000’s, harking back to young Panda Bear, M83, and Passion Pit. It’s a welcome escape into the dreamy indie music of yesteryear. The vocals are lovely, the production is spot-on to style, we’re very excited about it. Aim for the clouds and listen below.


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