Fresh Tracks of the Month – July 2020 Part 1

Last month we released a comprehensive but inherently incomplete list of influential Black musicians from the last century up until now. While we compile our next list we have decided to do a two-part Fresh Tracks series for this month. There are artists still trying to get their names out there and we want to showcase them. This is part 1 of the July series, listen below.

PC Muñoz – All the Time Feat. Matthew Szemela

PC Muñoz submitted a refreshingly funky track to us for this month’s article. All the Time is a cool, laid-back jukebox slammer that oozes attitude. It’s reminiscent of Isaac Hayes’ Shaft theme and anything from Curtis Mayfields’ catalog, which is pleasantly topical given the politically charged year we’re having.

Though the song lacks the lyrical content present in the artists’ music we just mentioned, that doesn’t rob All the Time of any joy. It’s a super funky, feel-good bad-boy kind of tune. Listen below.



Hunnid X Streetz – Lonely At The Top

The last good rap song based on a Beatles sample flip we can remember was probably heard on Danger Mouse’s Gray Album, until now. Hunnid x Streetz cleverly utilized the sample and to great effect, it’s part of what makes this song SLAP. The rapping on the song comes correct.

There are more than enough rap songs with a hard beat and a disappointing vocal aspect, but not here. Lonely at the Top wholly delivers on the bold move it is to take any Beatles classic and attempt to reframe it in a rap beat. Listen below.



Brevin Kim – i need water

This is one of our favorite tracks this month – Brevin Kim’s i need water – most likely due to how interesting it is. The song immediately drops catchy sound design and rhythmic elements.

Is it a hip hop song? Is it something else? The song’s more abstract components certainly beg the question. If we had to categorize we’d put it in the cloud-hop genre where the punk/emo hip-hop scene has been pushing lately. It’s a fantastic listen, listen below.



Superheart – Careful There’s a World Out There

Superheart’s submission is a much gentler contrast to the track above. You will find emotion, perhaps equally powerful, but in a smoother confessional manner.

This dreamgaze-y delight serves the calmer side of life during this highly chaotic era. It’s a slow burner but the climatic release at the end of the song is worth the wait. Lush simplicity emerges throughout. Listen below.



Love Angeles – Somewhere

We brought in another submission that fell into the gentler side of things. While it does evolve into an anthemic indie-folk song, the warm hug awaits all the same.

Love Angeles delivers a catchy song that is easy to nod your head to. It doesn’t break any rules, but that’s not a fault, this type of song warrants the familiar. The chorus at the end is as feel-good as they come. Listen below.



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