Fresh Tracks of the Month – March 2020

Welcome, all, to this month’s spectacular edition of Fresh Tracks where the tracks are fresh and the audience is even fresher (that’s you). We’ve got some incredible tracks below and we’re so excited for you to listen. After last month’s alumni spotlight, we wanted to carry the same range in style so we’ve got a wide breadth of genres. We’ve got hip hop tracks, nu-disco, indie/alt-rock, you name it! Enjoy the new new, listen below.


Hopper – Bonnie

Hopper’s song Bonnie is the first song we’re featuring on this month’s Fresh Tracks. It’s an Indie Rock song with a refreshing sincerity, and simplicity to it. The production meshes blissfully with the musical/vocal performances and the end result is a delightfully listenable tune. It feels like it could fit comfortably in the background of your favorite TV show, or at a live show. Bring on the nostalgia! Listen below.




James Curran – Just Breathe

Of this month’s Fresh Tracks, Just Breathe may just be the freshest. It’s got attitude, a rhythm that finds its way into your head, and rhymes to match. It hits that sweet spot in Hip Hop between commercial viability and underground appeal. Major props to the producer and vocalists. Listen below.


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S. Touze – Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal gt us in our weak spot – house and hip hop crossovers. S. Touze presents an infectious rhythm and major danceability. The singing is as smooth as the song’s topic and that really sells the whole package. In today’s age of no-such-thing-as-genre-anymore this song serves up a palette of fun, catchy music. “Synths and pimps” is the phrase that came to mind when trying to describe the feeling of the song. Listen below.




NRVS LVRS – Far Away

Raise your hand if you love synthpop! Our hands are hitting the ceiling, because, we love synthpop and this song. NRVS LVRS’ Far Away is dreamy, got that signature crunch and is about an out of reach person. What more could we ask for?? The longing and emotion so brilliantly expressed with the arrangement and structure leave it all on the table. Listen below.




CAROLINE x Space Primates – Already There

CAROLINE shines on her collaboration with Space Primates – Already There. The song is an acoustic/electronic crossover that fits confidently into the modern pop scene. The production is pristine, the arrangement wonderfully uplifting, and the tones are lovely. While it is reminiscent of every teenage bedroom pop song of the mid-2010’s, that’s not a bad thing. CAROLINE embodies the  angst, emotion, and vision of the light at the end of the tunnel in this release. Listen below.




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