Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve reviewed some music, but now we’re back and everything is okay. We’ve decided to change our format to monthly articles. Fear not, they feature the same high quality of songs for you to feast on! Listen below.

Rich Fry – Drink the Magic

Rich Fry’s Drink the Magic encourages delightful mischief in auditory form. The instrumentation balances a bad attitude with an optimistic reach for the stars all at once. The song made us feel like fighting, dancing, laughing, and drinking. The ringing guitars certainly help impart this feeling alongside the singer’s high-pitched encouragement. Listen below.

Petey – Apple TV Remote

Odd, fantastic, and uplifting – these are some words we’d use to describe Petey’s song Apple TV Remote. The title and topic of the song are both relatable (who HASN”T misplaced their TV remote) and nonsensical. The production is on point, and the vocals hop around joyfully within the context provided. The arpeggiating synth envokes the loveliest sense of nostalgia when accompanied by the rest of the music. We love it. Listen below.

Emma Kern – Sabotage

Emma Kern’s Sabotage is a powerful debut single from the rising artist. Her vocal chops are refreshing in a land of subpar vocalists. The production is just as impressive as it feels relevant and unique in the landscape. The video is fun but ultimately destined for a projector as it is simply repeated cuts of the same footage. The song has definitely made it into our favorites playlist. Keep an eye on Emma Kern. Listen below.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/VThjHupirro” width=”400″ height=”200″ autoplay=”no” mute=”yes” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes” https=”yes”]

Colour Tongues – Southbound

Southbound is unapologetically indie and undeniably catchy. While the song its in a similar vein as Two Door Cinema Club, we ain’t mad at that.

Radicule. – Gold Experience (Meu Amor)

Beat guru Radicule laid it out smooth and mellow on Gold Experience. The silky sultry feelings ooze throughout. What more could you ask for when you want a cozy beat? Banging drums and welcoming melodies. Look no further, get your feed here. Listen below.

Jay Bird – Let You Down (ft. Dianni Carri)

Jay Bird’s song Let You down shines bright just in time for summer. The song arrangement is masterful, the production keen, and melodies catchy. Dianni Carri’s vocals help the song reach its heights. Up there, it’s quite a view. Bring a parachute for when the song finally ends, you’ll be coming down from the sky. Listen below.

Language Arts – Top of the Top

Epic from the start, Top of the Top expresses emotion on a deep level. It’s half ballad, and half call to arms for straight up feeling. The rolling thunder from the drums help underscore the singer’s vocals. The song is perfectly suited for use in film, so take notes ya cinephiles. Hauntingly simple, elegant and alluring. Listen below.

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