GDC 2018 Sample Pack – 30gb of FREE Sounds

Holy tolito have we got some great news for you – Sonniss has released a huge collection of sounds in honor of the 2018 Game Developer’s Conference. This makes the 4th year running that Sonniss has released a sample pack and it marks their biggest release yet with over 30gb of high-quality audio samples. Rolling in just under a thousand samples (985 to be exact) the collection includes sounds of all sorts ranging from sci-fi noises to field recordings, human noises, weapon sounds, drones, impacts, and much much more.

The collection includes choice picks from a number of libraries Sonniss sells collections for, if you like a specific set of sounds you’ll be able to purchase from their creators on the Sonniss website. When we first saw this offering we feared that there would be restrictions on the types of use we could get from the sounds but you can breath easy knowing that all of the samples in this collection are completely roylaty-free! “No attribution is required and you can use them on an unlimited number of projects for the rest of your lifetime,” as Sonniss said.

As with such sample packs of similar size, there could be a potential lag in downloading the entire collection so Sonniss has done us all the favor of breaking the download up into eight .zip files. There are multiple download paths available and if you’re into it they have even provided a torrent (probably the speediest option). GDC2018 Audio Bundle is available for download from the Sonniss website.

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