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AlterEgo is a new voice singing synthesizer plugin created by Plogue Art et Technology, Inc. If you are familiar with Plogue, you would know of their former plugin called Chipspeech. AlterEgo has a similar workflow to Chipspeech but offers less synth engines. AlterEgo is highly useful if you are looking to create a synthesized vocal melody.

The AlterEgo download process is a bit fuzzy and getting everything going takes a couple of steps, so we attached a download tutorial below. Once you get daisy working the possibilities open up.

Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc AlterEgo 2015-10-20 15-09-16

The interface is user friendly. To get your computer singing, you simply type in a sentence and play, using a keyboard or midi interface. AlterEgo reads your sentence, syllable by syllable, note by note.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.30.22 PM

You’re able to choose a voicing style from a load of presets seen above.

Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc AlterEgo 2015-10-20 15-12-33


From there you can tweak the sounds according to your liking from a control, modulation and mixing tab. When you get the voice you’re looking for you can save it as a default preset to use in the future.


What I found most impressive with AlterEgo is the high quality of the voicing. The presets gives you a strong foundation to work with and you can really get creative with the plug-in. The samples created with AlterEgo can take whatever track you’re working on to another creative realm. Very useful for genres ranging from EDM to Trap.


Alter Ego is available for PC and MAC

Download for free at the link below.


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Check out the video for a demo of the sound you can get out of AlterEgo.

Download tutorial:

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